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To my darling Snickerdoodle


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Jun 7, 2010
Dear Snickerdoodle,

I can’t believe you’re really going. It feels like just yesterday when we found you under a blackberry bush in the state park. You were all dirty from the rain we’d been having, but you were your curious self, and that’s how the park ranger caught you. We said we would find you a home, little did we know you would stay in ours for the rest of your life.

We fell in love with you, hard. We weren’t planning on having pets. We were too free and fabulous to be tied down like that. But, boy, did we want you!
You were a little nuts, let’s be honest now. You used to bite me and kick and scream when we needed to pick you up. There were no cuddles. Only garden gloves. But in no time you relaxed and you became such a lovely piggy. I remember the first time you slept out in the open, we thought you were sick! But everyone on the Guinea Pig Pages assured us you were just happy and felt secure.

We found out you needed a friend, so when we heard of an accidental litter having been born we picked a baby boy for you. OH MY GOD, remember what a pain in the butt he was? Here was this time little black speck making your life hell. Where did you ever see a 3 week old cotton ball trying to mount a 3lb pig. That’s our Tuxie!

I think we really bonded when we would pick you up at night, and you would fall asleep in our arms almost immediately, you were so exhausted by the energetic little critter that was trying to suckle on you! Haha! I’m sorry Doodles, that was pretty darn funny! Remember how he tried to cuddle in the igloo with you, but you didn’t want to so you slept with your bum in the doorway so he couldn’t get in? I still have a picture of that.

Then one day there was blood, in your pee! I was shocked, I didn’t know what that meant. The next day it was gone. So we just assumed it was because so the Target flyers we lined your cage with. A week later it was back though, and this time you squeaked like you were in great pain. We ended up at the ER. They gave you enough meds to last until we could see your vet.

We got antibiotics from the vet and that worked! I was so relieved! But weeks after the round of antibiotics the blood and straining would come back. It was troubling.

And really, you know the whole story, 18 months of antibiotics, 5 xrays and one surgery later, here we are today. Blood in your urine, pain and strain to potty. Your stone came back. After only 6 months. There was nothing left to do but wait for the inevitable.

You were SO happy after your surgery, you were the happiest we’d ever seen you. Not that those 18 months were tragic. We had some great times. You became so loving. Tuxie grew up and became less annoying. Your “dad” and I had great adventures thanks to you. Like the time we squeezed a 100 lb bale of orchard hay into my tiny hybrid. The people at the gas station asked if we had horses. Everyone laughed when we said we had 2 hungry pigs at home.

You’ve been on pain meds and antibiotics for a 6 weeks now. Neither seems to be helping much. 2 days ago you started moving less. You stare at nothing in particular for hours at a time. You’re not you anymore. You have these “moments of clarity” like when you are all there. Like when I brought breakfast this morning and you did a tiny little popcorn. I haven’t seen you do that in a long time. Seeing you happy makes me even sadder.

I’m not ready to let you go, but your poops are tiny and you strain so much to let them out. I know if I let you go now we’ll avoid a hurried drive to the ER some Sunday night in the future only to have you put down by a vet tech in training who hasn’t learned any bedside manner yet. I don’t want that. I want this. I want what we get to do today. I want this for you.

My sweet Doodle Bugs, I’m off to get the car ready to go. I’m going to get some lettuce and that sedative the vet gave me. We’ll go sit outside in the sun and wait for the calm to wash over you. Then we’ll go see the vet. I promise I’ll stay with you, and it’ll be quick. They promised me as much. So, please say goodbye to Tuxie. He’s going to miss you so much. We’re going to have to get him a friend soon, please, please don’t think I don’t love you anymore! But I need Tuxie to have someone while I mourn you.

When I get back I’m going to bury you in the patch that will become a veggie garden this summer. I’ll put a planter of carrots over where you sleep, so you can be with your favorite thing. I’m so glad you got to see our first house, that you got to move in here with us. I’m sad you won’t be around this summer to see the wonderful pig and bunny playground we’re working on.

We’re going to miss you so, so, so much! I love, I love you, I love you.

Please be a good boy wherever you are going, please don’t forget us.

I will carry you forever in my heart,
Your mommy.

[GuineaPigCages.com] To my darling Snickerdoodle[GuineaPigCages.com] To my darling Snickerdoodle[GuineaPigCages.com] To my darling Snickerdoodle
He is so beautiful. I am sorry for your lose. It sounds like he had a wonderful life with you.
I"m sooo very sorry,your making me cry. sending. (((hugs)))
His last morning was amazing. He ate all the exciting veggies he got for breakfast. It is a warm day in California today, so I took them outside to their pen. They ate grass like little cows. An hour before our appt I gave him his sedative and he laid down on the fleece. There was an earthquake when I gave him the meds (an actual earthquake, 3.7).

Tuxie, who has NEVER cuddled with him ran over and plopped next to him. He lay there very quietly staring at Snickerdoodle. He laid right next to him, bellies touching, I was shocked! I know he knew. I know that without a doubt. Before we left he ran in front of Snickerdoodle and kind of nudged at his nose with his nose. Then he laid down and they just laid there touching noses. I was amazed. I had never seen them be so nice to one another.

When it was time I took Tux back to the cage. He usually runs crazy 8s to not get caught, but he just sat there and let me pick him up.

I drove Doodles to the vet on my lap. I took a back road and drove really slowly. At the vets office he fell asleep in my arms and I put him in the box that they use to put him under. Then they handed him to me and I held him and talked to him while they did the injection. His heart beat for another 3 min. It was the longest 3 min of my life. And then he was gone.

His limp body was very disturbing to me, so I decided to bury him immediately. Putting the soil on his little body was the hardest part of this whole journey.

I feel strangely calm and at ease now. I thought I would spend the rest of the day in bed, but I feel such an overwhelming sense of relief that he is no longer in pain.

It really was the most beautiful last day any pet owner could ever ask for.

Here is the last picture I took of him.
[GuineaPigCages.com] To my darling Snickerdoodle
What a beautiful way for you to remember him, happy with his buddy. Such a loss, I am so very sorry.
Your letter was heart touching.You had a very cute and special piggie.I loved the pictures.I am very sorry for you loss.
I normally don't even look at this section of the forum, as I can't usually stand the heartbreak. I remember reading about your piggy Snickerdoodle awhile back, and immediately thought "Oh no".
He was a beautiful boy, and I'm glad he and you are both at ease now. I am very sorry for your loss, but he's still with you I'm sure. :')
Oh my. I am so sorry for your loss. :sad:

Your story is sad but beautifully written, I felt like I was right with you.
I am so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful piggie.
Oh the stories your furbaby will tell the others across the rainbow bridge. You are an excellent writer, your story was so moving I could actually feel your emotions. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us and know that we are all sending you good thoughts.
What a beautiful baby and so lucky to have been found and cared for by you. And thank you for sharing your story with him, your feelings, everything. Warm hugs to you and yours.
I remember when you first came here and had just gotten him. I am so sorry, your letter made me tear up.
What a beautiful tribute to your Doodles. Oh, how sad. Here I am at work crying. I so feel your loss. I am so sorry. He is happy now, no pain.
Do hope Tuxie is ok. You have some beautiful pictures. RIP Doodles.
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