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Vet Tips for an easy vet trip?


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Jan 4, 2012
Hi, All,

Rosie's taking her first trip to the vet tomorrow since she came to live with me. She's fine, she just needs her nails trimmed and I can't do it by myself (and don't happen to have anybody around right now whom I can enlist to hold a squirmy piggy).

Any tips for making our trip as un-stressful for her as possible? She'll go in her cat-sized pet taxi. She came home from the rescue in it and it's also where she stays when I'm cleaning her cage, so she's pretty used to being in there. I'll bring her pellets, a few veggies, and her water bottle. Anything else I should be thinking about?

You probably don't need her water bottle. If you hook it up to the cage while you're riding, it will likely just leak all over the place. Just wet some veggies very well and take them along in a plastic baggie and give her some occasionally.

Get them to show you how to trim her nails yourself. It can be done, I just can't do it. :)
OK, thanks! Good veggie idea.

I can trim her nails, but i cant also keep her occupied at the same time...tried and it's a big pain! This way we can meet the vet and get her a checkup too. Figure it'll be good to establish a relationship when she's well, y'know?
I have a temperamental moody pig who throws fits all the time when things aren't going her way. She's never aggressive and would never bite me, but she's got a LOT of personality and is a difficult little one thats for sure..

Trimming her nails is always quite the task because being held up against me, against her will gets her squirming, flailing her head back and forth and squealing louder than ever.

I wrap her in a blanket and usually start with her back feet, the nails are longer and straighter so it can be done fairly quickly before she starts to grow impatient.. when it comes to her front paws I use those special small animal nail clippers and I take my time with it. I never ever just go ahead and clip, I take my time lining it up making it as close to the quick as possible without going to short, and I then make the clipper close firmly around that chosen spot without cutting just yet, because my girl is often flailing about, I don't want to just go ahead with it and possibly hit the quick or worse, get a toe.... Once I've ensured my clipper has remained in place even with her fussing, I cut. Its frustrating, I can agree with you there, but you just gotta take your time and keep a firm hand without hurting her.
Thanks, C_Elise. Rosie is a squirmer, and it really is impossible to hold her in any sort of nail-trimming way without her wiggling out of my arms. The trick, of course, is carrots...next time I think I'm going to enlist a friend to keep her mouth occupied and then I think I'll be able to do it.

Of course, at the vet's she was a doll and was too scared to move a muscle while the tech trimmed her nails. I told her she was making her momma look bad with my reports of her normal wiggly li'l butt!

The other fun moment at the vet was Rosie discovering the degu that lives in the aquarium in the exam room. She and I watched that little guy run on his wheel for a good 15 minutes. She was FASCINATED! (How to keep a guinea pig entertained for hours...!)
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