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Tipping food bowl over


Cavy Slave
Mar 26, 2011
Ok as soon as I feed my pig she dumps her food bowl. Now this makes a big mess and is wasteful of food. What can I do to keep her from dumping her bowl over. It is a plastic bowl like you would use for a hampster. I don't know why she does it but it gets rather frustrating!
Haha I dont think she is doing it intentionally. My piggies like to rest their bodies and front paws on their bowls. I got a heavy ceramic cat/kitten food bowl. The heavier the bowl the better...
Hello ! Hee...heee.hee..yeah, those little buggers ! If you buy a cage food crock that you can "lock" into place like on this site: (broken link removed) or large type bird feeders that you can "hook on to the coroplast or cage, grid like I use. Good luck ! Let us know what you have decided on. Good luck ! :eek:hmy:
Well first chance I get I am gonna go out and buy her a ceramic bowl. Hopefully she won't be able to tip it over!
They have cheap large heavy ceramic bowls at local walmarts...
Ha! I was just going to ask this same question. My pig does this all the time! she seems to dig through her food, dumps the bowl and sorts through it for certain pieces. It's funny to watch, but what a mess! Sassy0876, did you find a solution? I would love to hear about it or at least your attempts.
You should have just plain pellets so there should be no digging or finding of favorite pieces...
Yes, my 7 week old piggies get Oxbow Cavy Performance... all plain pellets. All the pieces look the same, but she still sorts through for certain ones. She only started this dumping and sorting 3 days ago. It's quite funny when I catch her in the middle of this. Silly Piggy! Now I am constantly cleaning up her food, so looking for other solutions instead of the heavy (i thought) ceramic ramekin i am currently using.
My guinea pig just picked this habit up as well. My pigs have a heavy ceramic bowl, but Fred has started picking it up with his mouth and tipping it over. He then proceeds to eat off the floor. I feed them 1/8 cup twice a day, so really it's not any more messy regardless of whether they eat their ration out of the bowl or off the ground, but it's still very silly and slightly annoying.

But if it's not an intentional thing, a ceramic bowl should solve the problem. :)
one way to keep your guinea pig from tipping over her food bowl is to get her a heavy ceramic dish but she may still be able to tip it over. The best way is to get a rod iron food dish stand that comes with the food bowls that fit them. make sure to get the kinds that for cats or puppies since those will be low enough for guinea pig this way your guinea pig definetly won't be able to tip and bowls over. I use one of these stands for my two girls and it works great:) I hope this helped!
Since I have used the half moon shaped cups ( that you would buy for a bird) that have long hooks, I just have mine hooked on the coroplast, and have no problems whatsoever with food bowl tipping. I would think those low to the ground puppy or kitty bowls like piggiefreak suggested, would work too !
Two sided kitten bowls are a good alternative too. Like these:(broken link removed)
They can't tip them but they are bigger so that might bother you.
What im thinking might help just from seeing people do things is try every day moving the food to a different spot because from what i heard they like to move things around for a new version of their living space so maybe thats all they are trying to do is move it but also try getting a heavy bowl that isnt easy to flip

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