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time with dad?


Cavy Slave
Jan 24, 2012
So I have 3 babies living in a cage with their mom and another preggo girl ( they came to me preggo) dad in a 2 grid by 5 grid cage with lid who was separated from his girls bout 2 weeks ago. So is it okay to let all the babies have floor time with dad? The babies are 10 days old and one is a boy i'm almost positive . So when the boy baby is 20 days old i'm going to hopefully house him with dad. Should they start getting to know each other now though like during floor time? Or should i use double grids and let the babies play next to caged dad first? And also wondering if the girls cage is large enough for all of em its 3 by 8 & i know it doesnt count but theres also a 2x2 loft/second floor.
Don't take my word for it, but I've heard people having divided cages and the babies are so small they can go through to either side as they please. I don't know how old they can't do that anymore though.

I would think floor time with dad would be fine, as long as he plays nice. a 3x8 could house about 7 or 8 pigs I believe. And lofts are always good even though they don't count, it's extra space away from each other.
The females should be fine in a 3x8.

I wouldn't bother with floor time with the dad. Just introduce the baby boy to him when it's time to put them together. Read Guinea Pigs Social Life before you do -- the Introductions section is about halfway down.

I also wouldn't let them go back and forth between the cages through the grids. They grow very quickly, and you're likely to wind up with stuck pigs in the grids.
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