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Cage Thoughts On This Cage For Pigs....


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Cavy Slave
Oct 15, 2007
What do you all think about this cage?

(broken link removed)

Would it be good for two piggies?
Just wondering caauusse....I just got one for FREE!! Whoohoo. If it doesn't work for the pigs I know the bun will love it. :D
Congrats on winning this! I think the rabbit would like it more. That ramp might be too steep for the pigs. Also, guinea pigs need floor space, instead of vertical space like that cage has. They need to have at least a minimum size square footage in the ground level. Any additional levels do not count towards the overall square footage. The opening for the ramp might be a safety issue, too.
Ditto sdpiggylvr -- guinea pigs need a large flat area to run around in. You could make that ramp work, but if you've got a rabbit that will love, that's what I'd use it for.
Alrighty thought so but figured I would ask just in case. Pigs have a 4x4 xpen cage now. Bun is living is in an xpen as well. But she does like to jump and loves to be high. So think this cage will become hers. Yay!
I really can't believe she was just gonna chuck it. It's less than 2 years old and looks brand new. Such a score. :p
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