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This sound has me worried...


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Dec 17, 2004
Its weird.. my piggy today just started making this gurgle weird sound.. Well I went over to his cage and he wasnt choking or anything.. So I gave him a little lap time and then put him back in his cage.

I turned off the light because its pretty late as I am typing this (2:30 AM in the morn) and again he makes this gurgle weird sound.. its not even a weeking sound its different.

Is this just him trying to get my attention? Or should I be worried?
Doesn't sound like anything bad to me. Sometimes they'll make weird noises. But I didn't hear it, so I don't know what you mean by gurgling.
its probably a rumble strut type thing, him marking his territory mine make that noise alot. It could be purring but usually purring isnt that loud.
is it like a motor sound. From time to time mine makes a motor sound.
Was he shaking his bum at the time?
Piglet said:
Was he shaking his bum at the time?
Well when I heard the sound, I immediately ran over to him and he just looked totally normal and was looking at me. I mean he wasnt eating anything or doing nothing.. When he did it the second time, I looked at him and it seemed as if he just wanted my attention?
I think he's fine
I hope so.
p.s. your avatar is sooooo cute
Piglet said:
p.s. your avatar is sooooo cute
Thanks!! Its my little guy posing for the camera.
I think he's one of the cuteset pigs I'v ever seen!
Your pig is a real sweetie. But I'd like more description on this mysterious sound your pig is making. Is it like a loud hiccup?
See, thats more of a chirping.. He actually sounded like he was snorting or some weird sound.. I cant really describe it.

I initally thought that he was choking.
he could have been sneezing
Well I know it wasnt a sneeze, because I have heard him sneeze before and I recognize that sound.
Coughing maybe?
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