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Vegetables This might be a stupid question but...


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May 10, 2012
HOW exactly do you guys feed your guinea pigs the fruits and veggies in your c&c cage? (mines is arriving this week so it's not like I haven't been feeding my piggies)

In my old commercial cage, it had one main level and 3 upper 'decks' so I would just put their vegetables on the second level whenever I fed them.

So I guess what I mean is, should I get a bowl to put their veggies in, or can I just put it on the fleece? and since I have 4 piggies now, do they each need a seperate bowl for veggies, or should I just get one big one? And what kind of bowl would they NOT knock over?
I just put the guinea pigs veggie in a big pile on their fleece. They seem to like it better than if they were in a bowl or something. You could also use a plate, but I think it's easier to just plop them on the fleece.
I've tried bowls,plates,etc with my piggie. They just dragged them out/off. So I have to clean off a nice spot in their cage and make sure to get all the excess water off the veggies before I put them in. A salad spinner is always nice.
That's what I was thinking too I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to make the fleece extra dirty now, and since the fleece IS their bedding now I wanted to make sure they would still want it.

I feed mine on paper plates that haven't been treated with plastic. That way, if they decide to finish off dinner with a cardboard snack, there's nothing to worry about.
I use a treat ball. It is kind of like this one
I forgot to mention, do not use it if you have baby guinea pigs because I had to remove a silly baby from one, he had jumped into it and was using it for a bed lol. They work really well and whenever my guinea pigs here the bell they go crazy :crazy:
We use a plate or put a small square fleece pad down on top of the regular fleece. That way we know it's clean and we can take it out after they are done.

Of course with Jumble, she drags everything into her cave or fleece forest so it doesn't matter where we put it.
How much does that veggie ball hold?
My guess is a cup or more. I can put 4 pieces of lettuce, 2 slices of tomatoe, 2 peices of cucumber, 4 pieces of pineapple, 3 slices of green pepper, 2 baby carrots in easily. I have 2 of them in my girls cage and 1 ball feeds enough veggies for 2-3 guinea pigs.
that veggie ball sounds interesting... How much can it hold and should I get one for each piggie?

That paper plate idea also sounds like a good idea..and so does the fleece pad. Either way cleaning would probably be easier than risk getting the fleece dirty...
If you have 4 pigs I would get 2. Thats what I do for my 4 girls.
I wouldn't provide a ball/plate/bowl/etc per piggy for veggies. They'll just steal from each other any ways. You can also get a veggie kabob. There's a lot of fun ways to give your piggies veggies! :)
I bought a platter at Goodwill for my girls. I handwash it daily.

@MissJean Do you have a salad spinner that drains? I've been looking for one with holes in the bottom to drain the water.
I'd be careful of that veggie ball. The bars look wide enough for a guinea pig head to get stuck.
I'd be careful of that veggie ball. The bars look wide enough for a guinea pig head to get stuck.

Well the veggie ball works wonderful for me! And no the bars are not big enough for a guinea pigs head to get stuck @CavyMama. They are smaller then the grids but I'm sure its hard for you to tell from the picture. I have no problems loading it with veggies but it would be challenging if you weren't offering more then just one veggie. I will take a picture today when I have it all loaded and post it.
Okay, fair enough. I know it's hard to tell from just the picture but are you sure they aren't wide enough for a baby pig to fit his head through? Their heads are pretty small.
I rotate through all of the above methods. The ball works fine for me. I've never had babies, but I think you could hang it high for the adult and the baby couldn't reach it. But then you'd still need something else for the babies' veggies.

Also I have a smaller ball with no bell. The bars on it are really close. Both balls came with my boys, so I suspect it may have been for when they were younger
I used to use stainless steel dishes for veggies, but my piggies just tipped it so I gave up on that. Now they just get a veggie stack on their kitchen shelves. Some days they eat everything up there, and other days they drag pieces into their hideys. It all depends on their mood, but the dishes were a waste.
I put the veggies on a plate and put it in one of their litter pans because the pigs make a mess. If I put it on my fleece I will have green fleece.
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