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Chat Thinking of starting a Exotic Pet Business.. What do you think?

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Cavy Quiet
Cavy Gazer
Apr 29, 2015
There are no small animal buisnesses in my city, however we do have a rescue for guinea pigs and other small animals called pigs and buns.

I would like to open an exotic care center (pretty much a vet office) with a store attached that only sells things that guinea pigs, rabbits, exotic pets can have.

I also would want to work with pigs and Buns for the adoption process. I wouldnt be selling animals.. Just supplies and even a sections for c & C cages or just sell supplies for c & C cages.

What do you think? This obviously wouldnt be for years (I would like to start it with my sister who wants a career as a vet ) She is on board with the exotic pets. My mom had a lot of strange animals and we could never find exotic pets offices for their services so we would have to drive far away. We cant be the only ones!
That sounds like a great idea! I have been waiting for a shop like that! I think you should go for it :)
That sounds like a great idea! I have been waiting for a shop like that! I think you should go for it :)

My little sister wants a degree in this feild. I think a family owned business like this one would be really sucessful :)
My 11 year old daughter wants to be an exotics vet. Her plan is to buy a big house and property so she can live on site. She also wants to have luxury boarding facilities and grooming set up.. No dream can be complete without the adorable supply boutique. She has it all planned out where we will all work for her. She figures my husband and I will need something fun to do when we retire...lol. She figures I can be a jack of all trades, my husband can do all the "businessey" stuff, my oldest can make amazing custom art work of clients pets and my middle daughter can run the boutique and fashion shop. [emoji6]
Aww, that's adorable @barbaramudge !
There's actually a place not too far from us that does something kind of similair. It's with dogs, but it sounds just like what she's hoping for.

It's on this huge 26-acre property with their actual house a bit into the property and a decent-sized building (shaped a bit like a barn, but with a house-like interior) towards the front. They do dog grooming, boarding, obedience training, and all sorts of stuff, and it's all tailored to their needs. (I really like how the little dogs can be in this seperate room with smaller dog beds amd a sun porch and tiny toys and lots of cozies. Coming from someone with two small dogs I can attest that that is all they want in life--sunshine, squishy beds, and a walk outside) They do ridiculous amounts of walks and runs and playtime outside, and being in the countryside it's like dog heaven.

That being said, I can see that being tailored for guinea pigs and other exotics ("exotics" being the small, furry ones I assume, like ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, degus, hedgehogs and of course guinea pigs). I think it'd be amazing to have something like that around, where people who don't really trust/have anyone to care for their piggies and other little pets for a time can board them (maybe in stacked c and c cages and other specialized rooms perhaps throughout several rooms to seperate species and maybe even gender, with lots of floorspace for floortime). And have grooming services for long-haired ones and basic nail trimming for the rest and maybe even an attached porch or fenced in grassy area where they can be supervised for running and grazing on cooler days. And there can be a veggie garden as well for on-site fresh vegetables and maybe even a little shop to sell supplies and share proper care techniques for all the different animals (my only concern would be if it's open to ferrets and hedgehogs as well, they're a little different and some people find them weird as ferrets are carnivorous [and I mean only carnivorous, but there is special ferret kibble they can have] and hedgehogs eat insects. But hey I'm not squimish except around beetles so it could work) but that could be a nice and open way of sharing proper care you know. And it could sponser local rescues and promote adoption and blahblahblahblahblah...

Ahahaha, now I feel like I'M 11 again, ramblin' on like this...I think with some planning, it'd be a fantastic idea. She's likely to change her mind of course, as kids do, but that's okay! It's a neat idea anyway and in the right hands, it could work. :)
She's really thought it out in the big picture too. She told me all about how this would allow her to also have her children near by and spend time with her family while still being able to provide her clients with the type of personal care they deserve. I know she'll probably change her mind but it sure does sound like a wonderful life :)
Oh wow awesome idea! I'd so love to open my own rescue centre with my friend who's also obsessed with animals. Lol one day
Awesome idea make sure to get people who love animal and not abuser
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