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Thinking about getting another guinea pig..


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Apr 27, 2012
I just recently got, well bought, my first guinea pig. I'm realizing a lot of the mistakes I made in this whole situation. I didn't even think about adoption really because when it comes to small pets our local shelters don't really have them. So I decided to go to a local family owned pet shop, who do treat their animals well, and care about them. But after thinking about it and realizing how awful it is to just keep breeding them, I see I made a mistake in not looking into adoption further. I actually didn't even go in looking for a guinea pig, I went in looking for a hamster, and saw George and fell in love. So he was an absolute impulse buy. I didn't really research guinea pigs before I got him. Another mistake, as they only had one male, I only got one pig.. I've since learned that they are best in pairs. I see how happy he is by himself, so I can only imagine how happy he'd be if I got him a friend.

I'm really trying to learn from my mistakes and be the best guinea pig parent I can be. So I mean, if I were to add another pig, is it okay to wait until the right one comes along? I'd like to adopt and since our local shelter doesn't really get guinea pigs, it might be a while until one comes along. Is he going to be okay until then?
Approximately where are you located? If you're in the U.S., check craigslist and Petfinder.
We all make mistakes...I think a great majority of people on this forum buy their first piggie not knowing how many are out there in need of a home.

Have you searched for small animal rescues near you? Also, craigslist and petfinder are a great resource for finding unwanted animals. There was an entire thread about a piggie train where a small animal rescue was on the other side of the state but 3 or 4 people on this forum were will to travel a small distance to get the homeless pig to the new owner :) So, you never know!
I'm in Stanislaus county, California. I'm willing to go anywhere in the county, maybe even a little further.

I honestly didn't even think of craigslist as being a safe place to get a pet. I don't know why, but I've always kind of steered away from it. I've also called our shelter and they don't know of any small animal rescues. :s

I'll have to try craigslist and petfinder! Thank you! :)
These are all less than 100 miles from Modesto...? Also, there are A TON of us in Cali, we should make a piggie train for you :) We have so many unwanted piggies down here in S.D. and L.A.

(broken link removed)
I live near Modesto, yes! Thank you for the link!
I'll have to check how the adoption process will work with me being a little bit further away, but thank you so much! :)
Your pig will be fine in the meantime. When we adopted Quee, she had been living alone for over four years. We introduced her to her new roommate Kwee within a month, and they've both been quite happy.
Thank you all for the helpful links!

I decided to check out craigslist and I found a post for a pair of guinea pigs, here's the ad- (broken link removed)

It seems a little off to me. They post that the pigs come with a cage, but in the pictures of the pigs, they look like they're in a hutch or something. They also don't have a bunch of info. I'm not sure if this would be a red flag or not. Should I still send an email asking for more info?

Oh, and should I even consider a pair to try and bond with the one I already have? I mean, I'm open to adopting an existing pair if that's okay. Would it be harder to bond my pig with two who are already bonded?
Lissie, it looks like a reflection of something red. But what scares me in that post other than they are outside in a poo filled cage is that the cage they say comes with the pigs is stacked with at least 2 other cages.
I also thought the red might have been a shadow or something.
I didn't even notice that the cages were stacked! That is a bit iffy..
Especially when the pigs aren't even in them. That's just really weird and makes no sense to me. Why do you need that many cages when you don't even keep the pigs in them?..

I'm tempted to send them an email asking for an explanation.

Also, thank you Lissie for the helpful links! :)
Also, if I may be a bit gross here, it looks like some of the poop isn't even from a guinea pig. My guinea pig doesn't have balls of poop. But my rabbit does.. So it makes me think they are housed with a rabbit or something. But I don't see anywhere for a rabbit to go in the pictures, so it's like they took a rabbit out of the hutch and put the guinea pigs in without even cleaning it. I might be wrong, but that's just what it seems like to me.

I don't know, but the more I look at this, the more I find wrong.. :sad:
There is also a corncob in there which I thought was a no-no for piggies. Maybe it's just her outside cage or her cage for when she cleans cages or something (but yes, the cage should be cleaned between rabbits coming out and piggies going in). Give her (or him) the benefit of the doubt if you're going to email and don't be confrontational. Maybe these piggies need saved from an uninformed and overwhelmed owner.
I didn't see the corncob. I've given mine one from the pet store when I first got him, but I read he could choke on a kernel so I tossed it.

I think I am going to write him or her an email, and ask some questions. I'm not going to be confrontational or anything. That's not my nature at all! Lol. I get people make mistakes. I sure do. This whole thing just makes me go, huh?! Maybe they think what they are doing is right or something. I mean, I'm sure I've done stuff that might have made other people say the same thing. Maybe they realize they aren't giving them adequate care, and want them to have a nice home that they can't offer.
I sent her an email asking for information.
She said she thinks they are females, and they were given to her by her friend so she doesn't have any more info. But she's moving so she can't keep them.

I'm not sure exactly how I feel about her response, but since they are female I don't think I could get them.

Actually, the whole "I think they are female" thing kind of freaks me out. I think my fear of craigslist is now justified.. :eye-poppi
craigslist is kind of fishy but there are good people on there. Have you ever heard of the site bookoo.com? It's pretty big in some places and other places haven't heard of it yet but it's more honest and straight forward than craigslist. Check to see if there is one in your area.
I've noticed that. But I'll keep looking. Hopefully something comes along. I'd love for him to have a friend or two, soon!

Oh, and I checked out that website, but there isn't anything my area. But thank you! :)
Don't give up on Craiglist yet! I got Borat from a shelter; he was there with another piggy, but his companion got adopted literally right before we arrived. We adopted him, and I started looking at rescues and Craigslist for a friend. That's where we found Amy, and I'm SO glad we did. Go with your gut if you get a bad feeling about an ad, but you'll find some that are fine, too. Amy was given away because of a move. She was in a town about an hour away, and I got a good feeling from texting with her own and liked the fact that I saw her at there house to get a sense of how she was treated, see that it wasn't a breeder, etc. Hopefully the right piggy will come up on there for you, too, and I think you'll know it when it happens : )

(Oh, and in case it sounds odd that I adopted a girl as a boy's companion, Borat was missexed at the shelter. He's going to be neutered very soon and they're next door neighbors for now.)
It looks to me like the hutch is for outdoor time and that she must put them in there to get fresh air. The red area looks to me like she might have some sort of stained glass window that's shining the color on the bedding. I have a window that does that. I don't think her fee is high and she uses pine bedding so I don't think there are any red flags. She's probably anxious to sell them since she's moving so I'd pursue it a little more and ask your questions. If you go visit, just take along someone to be safe.
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