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General thinking about adopting


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Nov 10, 2011
i have 3 boys that i got from a multi store who are really good with there animals so i dont mind so much that i got my pigs from there, however i really want to get more pigs!
i would have to travel an hour and a half to go to the nearest shelter! i dont really want to go to a pet shop to get them tho, were i get all my bedding for my pigs sells animals and im good friends with the owner he is good to all his pets, but should i stop buying my stuff from him? i go to him as his is a 2 minute walk from my house.
how many guinea pigs are too many? can you have too many animals?
What size cage do you have? And they are adorable, in your profile/avatar/whatever it's called thingymerbobber =)
i have two cages one larger one for darwin and chunk and a smaller one for sheldon, if i was to get more pigs i would get more cages as i dont no how to get c&c cages in the uk for even no how to make some haha plus i dont think i would let them all meet as it might cause a fight? and thank you :)
Congratulations on considering the adoption option. :)
How big is your larger cage? On this site we support 7.5 square feet for even just one pig, and somewhere on the site I think they mention where to get materials in the UK. . I'd search but I'm on my iPhone haha :) Are they all the same sex?
i think my biggest cage is about that size but i really would love to get c&c cage and all of my guineas are boys but i will get girls but i wont be breeding but i dont mind getting boys again
I think you would be okay putting them together, have you had problems with them fighting before? I'm not sure how boars act, since I only have a sow, so someone else with more experience with boars can jump in! I think you may be best sticking to one sex unless you adopt a spayed female - its just easier in my opinion! I would invest in expanding your cage some before you adopt more, but I'm glad you are considering the adoption route! =).
yeah sheldon and darwin got into a fight and hate each other so they cant live together, ive been looking on this site and seen something about Sue's C&C kits? is she american? as i live in the uk :s I will look to see what pigs there are so if i get girls then i get girls but i promise not to breed :)
Hm you could adopt another male piggy for the one that lives alone! I know some people on here have built really awesome multi-leveled c&c cages for their pigs that they have to keep separate, you could look into that! And I'm not sure if she's American, but I think you can buy c&c kits online! =).

Also, I have to add, I totally want to get a boy named Sheldon. . I love this show called big bang theory with two characters named Penny and Sheldon, and I wish I could afford the gas and extra money to adopt a neutered boy from one of the rescues!! Ahh well maybe later ;). For now I'm adopting another sow this weekend, I'm super excited!
What is the width and length of your cage?
haha yeah my sheldon is named after sheldon from the big bang theory haha!! and pinky i dont no i havent measured it, its big tho
if anyone wants to go on chat to talk about this more im on now :)
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