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they are born!


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Jan 3, 2012
my girl just had her babies!, must have been born earlier this morning because i looked 2 hours ago and there was no babies, she had 2! now i got a question, how maternal are guinea pigs? both babies are clean right now and cuddling togheter, but mom seems more busy eating then beig with the pups, what should i keep an eye out for?
You don't have to keep an eye out for anything for a little bit. As long as the mom isn't rejecting the pups from milk, you should be fine.


congrats yes do post pictures
Oh man where is the pictures?!! How exciting :D
will have pics soon, and make that 3 pups! one was hiding!
btw, how soon can i pick them up and cuddle them? is it like cats and i have to wait 1 week or can i pick them up in a day or so?
It's actually best if you get them used to being handled as soon as you can. Obviously if the mom is being posessive wait a bit; but if not, go for it. Carefully catching them and holding them for only a few minutes is best. If it's your girl's first kids, I'd recomend running your hands through their bedding before picking them up - once in a while new moms reject a baby that smells different.
the bedding is fleece like material, but i will still run my hands on in, poops be damned, i will give them until tonight then, they are sooooo cute popcorning all over already!. oh and one more question, why is daddy going completely bonkers in his cage? he is so loud i had to move his cage in another room
its been several hours, mommy is doing great i think, she takes good care of her 3 pups. i have not seen her drink yet nor eat any pellets, but the tomato wedges i gave her are gone, so i hope she is eating well and im just not seing it, she seems to be nursing them all the time or pretty close to it, if shes not nursing she is licking them. the pups are running around and cuddling each other,i keep having thoses OMG they are so cute moment. will post pics soon
ok trying to post the pics bnow, 2 girls and a boy the black and caramel is the boy


pigs 114.jpg pigs 115.jpg pigs 119.jpg
So adorable!
unbelieveableyy cute;D <3
Omg!! They are super cute!

I would never purposely breed, but every time I see pics of these adorable little babies...I know why some people can't resist.
Oh so cute, congrats! Love the last one.
Congrats!These piggies are super cute!
very sweet babies sooooooooooooooooo adorable
pups attacking mom?

i noticed today that one of my pups(1 week old today) is ripping and chewing hair of its mom, what do i do??
Re: pups attacking mom?

I believe that is called barbering and is normal of some to do. Others on here who have experience with it can tell you more. I'm not sure there is much you can do without removing one of them.
Re: pups attacking mom?

i think they are to young to be removed, but the poor mommy let out a loud yelp and i dont want her to be injured
Re: pups attacking mom?

Mom will take care of it without help, I expect. But how large is your cage and how many pigs are in it? Crowding can sometimes lead to barbering.
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