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Ratties Thelma and Nibs


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Feb 28, 2012
Well I have been wanting to breed my boy Nibs for a long time and I can now do this WOOHOO!!!
Thelma is a Silver fawn hood, about 6mths of age, who lives with a friend. She is healthy and young and a wee sweetie.
She is coming to stay with me while we attempt to get her pregnant to Nibs.

Nibs is an Argente Berk, 2yrs 1 mth of age, who has the sweetest temprament, has never been sick, loves attention and goes everywhere with me....
Nibs' mum only recently died (Pecan) at the age of 2 yrs 5mths.
His dad was also Argente and lived to over 2 years as well with no resp issues.
I had hoped to breed him to a buff/dove colouring (the same as his mum) but the girl I had lined up came down with a resp that stopped that idea in its tracks and I didnt think I would get to carry on his line, but now I can (well fingers crossed cos the only other time I have tried a purposeful litter it didnt happen :( ).
So everyone keep your fingers crossed that we get a litter and get to carry on this line.
Mummy to be..(hopefully)..Pretty Thelma :)

[GuineaPigCages.com] Thelma and Nibs

[GuineaPigCages.com] Thelma and Nibs
Nibs was sooo sweet today sleeping on my leg & then bruxing & boggling at the same time...He should like Thelma, she's an awesome young little chickie :D

I hope this works & we end up with gorgeous eepers from them, i reckon they would be ratties with good genes & temperaments :)
You do realize this forum does not at any time advocate breeding. Discussions of breeding are not allowed.
Please do not breed your rats. Like other animals thet to are dyingin shelers because of being over bredd and over sold. There are rat rescues where you can adopt rats.

There will be no more discussion of breeding. Thank you.
Sorry for the typo errors. I am doing this off my phone. Even with the typos my message still stand. Thank you.
Id like to just say one thing please,

I understand that there are animals that need homes, and we know about rat rescue here.
We both have rescued rats, and we love them, we arent going to be breeding rats that will not have a good home in life, we are also breeding a litter to create good lines of rats here because we need to. New Zealand has a big problem with people breeding incorrectly and we now have alot of rats with health issues & hormonal agression etc.. so we do ocassionaly breed really good healthy/sweet well temperament rats to improve the health and temperament issues of rats here. :)

And no i had no idea you didn't allow us to share our planned litter with everyone.

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There is a section on the fotum for breeders to read. You may use the forum to gain knowledge and share. But no dicussions of breeding are allowed. If you continue to discuss breedung you take the chace of being caged or suspended. This forum is pro rescue and pro adoptio. The owner of theforum takez this very seriously as do the mods and many members.

We want the two of you to be a part of our forum but without any brewding.
AgaiI urge you to reconsider breeding your rats.i
First - I apologise - I didnt realise that we werent allowed to discuss breeding here (I posted in this section cos it was for rats not guineas)
Second - I live in NZ where as Peanutter said we need to work on the lines of breeds here or the only rats there will be is rats that barely get to a year old due to health issues or are extremely aggressive. The rescue here is actually supportive of those breeders who work with the lines and the members of the rescue have even been known to be breeders (never using rescues) to try and improve our babies lot in life.
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