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The stupidity of some people astounds me...


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Jan 4, 2005
Jan 4, 2005
From what I've seen on this forum and others, there are a few rescuers who have loads of experience who treat some problems at home, mites for instance. However, it's always easily identifiable things, where the cause, standard course of treatment, and extent of the problem are known. But every one of them I know of would have taken this pig to the vet's office.

Kleenmama now assists many rescuers by doing things like donating her (wonderful) hay. She lost sows she loved very much due to complications, and now chooses not to breed. I would bet though, that even before choosing not to breed, if this had happened to one of her pigs, she would have taken it to the vet. This isn't about breeding, it's about vet care.
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