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Popcorning The Running of the Pigs.


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Jun 27, 2006
We've had our girls for nearly 2 weeks now. Moo is 6 weeks old, almost 7, and Lucy is almost 5 weeks old. At first until they were comfortable with us we would let them have floor time and put up a small animal playpen type gate so that they had an enclosed area to play in they felt safe. I would put a towel down to catch any poops or pee and give them some veggies and we'd let them run around and play for a while.

Moo would always try to get over the little pen, she finally jumped it one day and we decided if they were comfortable enough to try to leave the safety of that pen then we should let them roam the livingroom. Now we have what my husband lovingly calls "the running of the pigs."

Each day, and evening (we try to do it twice a day) I set the pen up lengthwise so it blocks off our livingroom from the rest of the house. That way they have the whole livingroom to run in. It's a 14ft by 14ft space so that's quite a bit of running room for two little pigges. We put the towel out and some veggies and bring the girls out. Usually within seconds they're running laps around the livingroom, fast as their tiny little legs can carry them. Tonight Lucy was popcorning so much I thought she was going to hurt herself, she was nearly spastic she was jumping around so much. They run laps, chase each other back and forth, snack on veggies and then when they're tired they'll crawl up in a lap and go to sleep for 10 minutes. Next they'll wake up and do it all again, it's the cutest thing ever.

But the best ever is hearing my husband who always swore he didn't like animals ask excitedly "is it time for the running of the pigs yet?" because he loves seeing them have fun too. :)
Aww, that sounds so cute!! I love it when young piggies go into a popcorning frenzy!
Fantastic now we need pigvideo of the event LOL

Aww...that sounds adorable! Ditto video request!
aww I LOVE IT!! ditto video request!

that must be so sweet to be part of! especially hearing where the hubby is at considering his previous view animals... another heart the piggies have pignapped. YAY!
Haha life in my house is very similar! My piggies get free run of the dining room and their favourite thing to do is race laps under the table and weave in and out of the chair legs kicking up their heels as they go. Haha Its connected to my bf's "man cave" and they take their break from running by carefully sneaking into the room, then when he looks at them(and they know that they've caught haha) they turn around take off running back to the table for more laps!

I'd love to see a video too!!

They get free run of the dining room during floor time... not at all times is what I meant.
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