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Bedding The next step?


Cavy Slave
Jul 2, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I have 2 little rescue pigs who are around 5 months old now. I've had guinea pigs since I was 3 but have never had a problem like this before.

Before I got them, they were both kept on deep litter straw bedding. Both were in really good health despite their circumstances.

One of them has started to develop breathing problems and after a few visits to the vet (who is cavy savvy) he has advised that she might have an asthma type problem.

Her breathing gets worse (she ends up being a bit snotty and has really heavy breathing) when fresh bedding is put down and near cage cleaning out day.

I've had her on everything from newspapers to wood shavings to wood pellets to recycled newspaper pulp and nothing seems to make much of a difference. She sneezes with hay also and none of this is helped by the fact that she sleeps with her head buried in whatever you bed her down in.

She definitely improves on fleece but then she chews big holes in it which isn't safe and she was very dirty on it.

I'm at a loss now as to what to try next. My vet suggested shredding up j-cloths but I can guarentee now that she'll eat them and I don't know if their safe or not.

What do you all suggest?

Thanks! :)
I would stick with the Fleece. I have never heard of a Piggy chewing on it, though! lol

There is a way people make Fleece liners for their cages that go up and over the sides of the Coroplast. So try that maybe. Before you try that, though, place other things for her to chew in the cage and see if that stops her chewing. They are natural born chewers, and even though their teeth will be fine on only hay, that doesn't mean they don't want to chew on other things. Wooden blocks, hidey houses made of wood, anything wood that they can chew on. Try them out and see if that helps.

Also, you can place bricks around your cage to hold the Fleece down so the Piggy cannot get a hold on the Fleece to chew. :)

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply Zuidy!

I went back to fleece and 24 hours later it has a large number of holes in it despite her having loads of things to chew..

Think I'll have to resort to stern words and a 'no cucumber for a month' approach :D
The only time I have heard of a pig chewing through fleece is when there was not enough hay to munch on. How much hay are you giving and what type?
They have unlimited timothy hay! Some on the ground and some in a hay rack. I think this one may just be a chewer unfortunately :confused:
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