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Joy The Newest Additions!


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Jul 30, 2011
Yesterday, we went out and adopted two guinea girls. They are about 1 1/2 years old and are bonded. They were purchased from PetSmart, (because the lady was kind enough to include their sale paperwork) but she had taken incredible care of them. She had them both for about a year before she felt she had to rehome them because she felt they were not getting enough attention because of her work schedule. I found them on CraigsList, up for $150 with supplies. I contacted her and waited awhile ..... And she lower the price to $100, then realizing it was her loss, everything free. With already two bunnies, I had to work hard and show I was responsible enought to care for them also. But everything came through in the end, to my delight. She included two newish big pet store cages, two pink and purple pigloos, two rainbow-colored bridges, a toy ball, Nature's Miracle Cleaner, a new bale of Timothy Plus hay, Forti-Diet pellets, Vit. C water drops (which I know are not appropriate to use), nail clippers, and treats.

The nice thing about it was that she washed and cleaned everything before we came, so there was not anything to clean up. She even offered to deliver them, but we came over to her place.

Next weekend, she volunteered to pig-sit them for us when we leave for my swim meet in Thunder Bay, Ontario, which I think is also generous.

Anyways, Boo & Jupiter have settled in nicely (and they love green grass) and I hope have had a good night (have yet to check on them).

I will take current photos today and post them here. Now after 10 months being part of this site, I can finally be true to my name, a Cavy Slave! :D
Congratulations on your new additions. Can't wait to see pigtures.
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