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Fleece The Guineadad Question


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Oct 17, 2018
I'm looking into purchasing a fleece liner because I'm fed up with Snickers tunneling underneath the fleece every other week (I have uhaul pads and fleece separate, and one piece of fleece completely covers the cage but I don't have another piece of fleece as large so it takes two, which he then uses to get under and poop everywhere) and because doing one load of laundry sounds amazing as opposed to 2-3.
I've heard a lot about the Guineadad fleece liners, and they look incredibly tempting, but I want to know if anyone has had experience with long-term usage of them. In most of the reviews online, people have only had them for a few months, but I want to know if they will hold up for years. I don't want to waste nearly $80 on something that's going to fail me. I really like the pockets that the liners have, but I've also heard of a case with respiratory problems from a guinea pig that was sitting underneath it and inhaling the chemicals from it's pee.
So basically, are Guineadad liners worth it, or should I go for something from piggybedspreads or another place?
I expanded and now have a 6x6 bottom level on my cage. To get the same great affect of a piggy bedspread (which I used with my 2x6 cage before) that prevents tunnelling, I sewed 2 pieces of 3 yard long fleece together. I use my previous piggy bedspreads (which with a smaller cage work wonderfully!) on the bottom to absorb, the giant fleece layer over the entire top, tuck in all the sides behind the coroplast and clip using binder clips. Then I add absorbent fleece pads I have bought or made on top of that for easy replacement during midweek cleaning. I have a front load washer and that large double piece of fleece doesn't even take up half of it, so easy to vacuum, wash and replace each week. I don't even have to wipe down the coroplast during weekly cleanings if I don't want to because nothing gets underneath.

Now, I also have the Guineadad liners. I will tell you they shrink A LOT! As time goes by they lose several inches in all directions. I attempt to stretch them after washing, but after a few months that almost becomes impossible. Even when avoiding hot washing and air drying only. My pigs do love the pocket, so I keep at least one in my setup and change out when the pocket feels moist (every 3rd day at least). The major thing I do love about the Guineadad liners is they shake off hay great. So I have a couple of the 2x2's that I use under their hay piles. I do have to replace these daily, but then I have 10 pigs.
I have been using four 2x4 Guineadad liners since April 2018 and these are the only liners I've used. I also have two 1x2 liners that I use in the travel carrier or for lap time. When I first purchased the liners , I had two piggies (one has since passed) and they learned to use the pockets quickly. I think I helped by putting a fleece tunnel part way into the pocket. Once the girls got used to the pocket, I removed the fleece tunnel. They both love the pocket and my remaining piggy, Lily spends a lot of time there. If the respiratory issue was the one posted on GL, I am familiar with it. I used to go to that same vet practice but did not care for them, even though they are the only listed exotic vets in San Francisco and it was walking distance from my home. To avoid potential respiratory problems, even though we didn't have problems (I think it affected only one out of the three piggies), I put a pee pad under the pocket. It gets switch out every 2-3 days. I also cut off two of the pockets so two liners have pockets and two don't. You can always fold the pocket back and put it underneath the liner.

However, I am also surprised at the amount of shrinkage as I follow the instructions and always wash on cold and air dry the liners. Apparently when air drying you are supposed to not put it in direct sunlight, which I was doing. I am not sure if that caused the shrinkage. Right now, one of my liners is about an inch short at the end of the cage, so for one corner I put a pee pad under it to fill in the gap. The other corner is taken up by a litter tray so the gap doesn't show. I have never tried stretching the liners but might do so once I wash this particular liner. I do love how easily the hay can be brushed off the liner. In general, except for the shrinkage problem, I really love the Guineadad liners.
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If you are looking at supporting guinea pig crafters, just know that GuineaDad liners are made in China.
Thank you for the information, everyone! Although the Guineadad liners do seem very well made and nice, I am leaning towards the Piggy Bedspreads. Thanks again for the advice!
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