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Bonding The girls are back together. Reunion time!! Yay!


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Apr 8, 2015
Tonka's follow-up appt for her URI went well. Her meds were pulled back from 14 days to 10 days for the oral (eye drops still at 14). Fingers crossed she is completely over it and that I don't see a recurrence.

Tonight I re-introduced them since Tonka has been quarantined for 10 days. It went so smoothly! And now they are back in their home...together!! Makes me so happy!

And for the first time since bringing them home, I saw Tonka popcorning! Happy time!

The girls are back together.  Reunion time!!  Yay!The girls are back together.  Reunion time!!  Yay!
Thanks! I found the fleece greatly discounted at Hancock Fabrics.
I love your cage and piggies?
Thank you, piggielover200~~
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