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the chances of a cujo pig


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May 7, 2005
hi, its me again with yet another of my endless questions. im going to get another pig and i was wondering, what are the chances that they will not get along and fight etc.? and is it better to get a male and female, male and male or female and female? because I really just want them to get along and i dont like blood.

thanks in advance
The LAST thing you want is an unaltered oppisite sex pair. But if you had the money, you could neuter him and get him a girlfriend. That relationship is almost guaranteed to work.

Since he is older, and if you don't want to risk a neuter, get him a younger pig (1.5-3 months old). That generally works, but when the younger pig hits puberty, there may be problems.

Before you do any of this you need to set up your C&C, it will preferably need to be a 2x5, which allows a 2x2.5 in case seperation is needed.
yeah, im planning on all this happening AFTER the big cage is ready and finished. and exselcier is about 1 year old, is that too old? i dont know if it would be bad to neuter him now, and im not sure if i would even be able to do it, (my parents might not want to spend the money) but i could say its either 2 or 200 and they might say yes, as long as hes not too old to get neutered at one year old
The neuter fee around here ranges from $80-$100. Where are you located?

A year old is fine. I believe you don't want to neuter anything over three years, as it is too hard on them.

Read this: https://cavyspirit.com/neutering.htm

Otherwise try www.petfinder.com and look for a baby boar.
im in northwest michigan (not the upper penninsula) and i dont know if its a male or female but arnt females almost always less aggressive? if only i could look under him/her and have him/her not scared to death!
Just grab him gently and turn him upsidown. Feel right above the genitals for a shaft. Press that area in and downwards and see if a penis extrudes. Don't be afraid when he sqirms, but do it gently.

Go to a vet if you can't.
he runs away and squeaks and gets all scared when i try to pick him up. then he wont come out for a little bit. i think ill wait and let him get more comfortable with his new home first. P.S. his original owners had never fed him anything green before now. and now he likes vegetables more than carrots :D i just let him see me eat it first and he started right away!
Force him into a corner and scoop him up.
ok, but wont he get scared of me after that?
He will probably forget that you ever did it!

I have never tried male/female pairs. But I do find that male and male pairs work best. The females have a tendency to be grumpy and nasty to eachother.. whereas the boys just love to cuddle with eachother!

I just got my boar neutered at 8months old so I don't think an extra 4months will make a difference for your piggie.

Gd luck with what ever you decide to do!
What do you mean - Cujo pig? My pig is Cujo and he is a lovey love. ;)
Cujo was the name of a vicious wolf/dog hybrid I believe.
I know - just kidding.
ok i looked under him/her but im not sure. do boys have nipples? because i saw some. im gonna go take a picture

ok i cant get a picture...
It took me a week and a half to figure out that Kero was a he not the she I had intended on adopting. Veggie bribes work good when trying to flip them over. Spinach is a good one as they seem to like to hold it in thier hands. Feed it stem side first :)

Believe me, once you get the knack of it, sexing is easy. It's good to check your boar once and a while to make sure everything is clean and OK down there. Especially if he is on wood or paper bedding. So the sooner he gets used to it, the better off for the both of you.

I always think of Mom to Cujo's Cujo first now before Stephen King's Cujo. I never read the book or watched the movie but I've seen more than a few pictures of MtC Cujo.
well do boys have nipples? because boy humans do but do guinea pig boys have them?? also i CAN get him upside down but he DOES struggle so ill try spinach
Yes, all pigs (with notable exceptions I suppose) have nipples. I think that's true with most mammals.
DARN it! i guess ill have to ACCUALY do work then!
You certainly will :)
ok, i just tryed a second ago and nothing happened but it kindof looked like there was a penis there. im not sure though lemme try again... grr i hate doing this
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