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General The boys are here :)


Cavy Slave
Apr 30, 2012
Hi All,

Well after a hectic week last week building the C&C cage (a 5X2 bottom layer with a 2x3 top layer minus one panel for the ramp) it looks pretty impressive. The boys moved in today and seem to be settling, they have just shared their veggies on the lower floor none of them are brave enough to explore the ramp yet.

I have taken pics so now I just need to figure out how to put them on the forum and you can see them. Although my other half is trying to set up a live feed of piggie cam lol

[GuineaPigCages.com] The boys are here :)
Here's the cage - just trying to work out the best size for posting pics in
congrats! Cage looks great!
Nice cage....looks like it was a real feat of engineering.
Wow, that's a cool cage, and some cute piggies.
Great cage! They look quite content in their new home.
nice piggie place
Thanks for all the positive comments, we did feel quite proud of the cage as it was our first attempt. Piggies are all bumbling along nicely can't wait to be able to give them a cuddle
Just to let you all know all 3 piggies are now tearing up and down the ramp so the food is now only served in the "kitchen". Hopefully going to get some cuddle cup style beds this weekend which will also go on the upstairs leaving all of the downstairs for tunnels/hidey holes and general play :)

Have I missed anything?

Oh and since the photos I have covered the ramp with towelling and installed a hay rack ;)
I love the huge cage. Your ramp is awesome. I would suggest that you wrap it in plastic to waterproof it; if the wood gets wet it'll be impossible to clean. Then put the towelling over the plastic. Your boys are very lucky!
The ramp was courtesy of the D&T technician at the school I work at :) as you know we only had a week to get everything ready for the boys so we built the cage than I couldn't for the life of me work out how to do a ramp (we had used all of our cube panels and no time to get more). I went to work and asked the technician for advice...he drew out a plan and told me he'd knock one up in no time...that was the result! Amazing guy, so grateful to him!

How would you suggest I wrapped it in plastic? I would be terrified or them finding access to it and choking - although they don't seem to be big chewers. I was hoping the towelling would absorb the worst of it and then a wipe with the white vinegar/water soln recommended for cleaning would neutralise the urine and therefore the smell? The piggies seem to love the space they have, my only problem with the cage is it's quite difficult to reach the back corner so it might need a rethink in the future to have a smaller upper level but I'll see how cage cleans go first as I really don't want to reduce their space...I'm still learning :)
My pigs like to eat plastic. They will dig under the fleece to find it. I had to remove all of it. Amazing cage! And very cute boys :D
Jealous of the ramp, that's exactly what I want for my piggies, hopefully my boyfriend can make one soon!
I love love love your ramp. You should seriously consider selling those! In my opinion i don't think you should worry about it being made of wood unless it starts to become a problem with chewing or them peeing on it. I have wood houses for my piggies and they like to jump ontop of them and pee on them every so often I just spray it with lots of vinegar/water and wipe it off and its like it never happened. I also find that my piggies don't really go to the bathroom on their ramps. Really nice cage :)
We put carpet on our ramp for traction, and poops just roll down off of it!
Great job on the cage and love those stairs! Your boys are too cute!
Another pigture of happy piggies in their newly cleaned cage with lots of fresh veggies as today is shopping day :)

[GuineaPigCages.com] The boys are here :)


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