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The Best Bedding



The Best Bedding

Hello everyone!
I'm a brand new proud owner of 2 Guinea Pigs. I'm sure this question has already been asked and answered a million times but I simply don't have the time to search any archives for it. What is the best choice of bedding? Cost is not a factor. Is it Aspen, Carefresh? I'm currently using Carefresh and they seem to like it but if there is something better suited than that..I want to know! Thanks a bunch!

Re: The Best Bedding

Carefresh is better than Aspen.
Re: The Best Bedding

Thank you for your prompt response!!! I have used Carefresh in the past when I had pet ratties. I loved it but the lady at PetsMart acted like I would be better off with Aspen so I wanted to make sure! Thanks so much for this confirmation!

Laurie :)
yes, stick with it

if you really don't care about cost, hell yeah, carefresh is way better!


13442380_1099990376729302_4010019467187952611_n.jpg 13450222_1099990866729253_7860549470597886510_n.jpg 13501980_1099990556729284_2898319457163914190_n.jpg
Re: yes, stick with it

I agree with the other replies. Definitely CareFresh!!!

I use kiln dried pine but top it with CareFresh. I wish I could afford to use CF entirely. It's great! My piggies love it too!

During the summer when we had taken several trips out of town, I used only the kiln dried pine so the pet sitter wouldn't have to deal with 2 types of bedding. Tiny would get mad if we didn't put CF in the cage and would kick out the pine bedding. He's glad that we're using it again. No more kicking bedding out of the cage! LOL

I don't know if it was the bedding but several weeks ago we discovered a spur on one of Squeaky's forepaws. This was during the time period when we were only using kiln dried pine bedding. We clipped it back and had him entirely on CF for a week after that (he was in a separate cage being treated for a URI). When he was returned to his regular cage we resumed our use of kiln dried pine topped with CF and noticed that his spur had gone away. I think that using the pine alone may have irriated his feet and that the CF or the CF atop the pine doesn't.
Best Bedding

The best bedding we have found is your daily paper -- not the section with the colors, but the rest of it is great! Costs much much much less than the hay stuff --keep hay for eating -- very easy to clean. We sweep it every morning and every evening it gets changed. Using the CC cages makes this so easy. When we change the paper every night, we also clean the bottom of the CC cage.

Our vet says there is no problem using it -- so that is what we use. Now they don't get poked at by the hay stuff, they can run around, popcorn, crawl in/out of their cozies and through the tunnel pipe with no hay stuff getting in their way!

Just my own opinion that it is the best bedding!
Re: Best Bedding

Hi LXF63! Welcome to Cavy Cages Forums!

Yes, I agree with you that newspapers are good sources of bedding, and I myself have used it before. It isn't really uncomfortable to the piggies, but I always kept lots of timothy hay over the paper for them to lay on/eat.

But in my opinion, Carefresh and Natural Pine Shavings bedding are the best. Carefresh is very soft and comfortable to the piggies, but it is expensive. Natural Pine Shavings is what I'm using currently, and so far, so good. :)
aspen versus carefresh

Carefresh is soft and absorbant, but I've found it to be very dusty - am concerned about it irritating the guineas. I still use it, but alternate with shredded aspen.

i know A LOT of people whos they and their piggies just hated carefresh, one person used pine ,then swiched to carefresh thinking it was better, they found it dusty, and the pigs were not happy at all, so they swiched back to pine and the pigs started popcorning and were generally happy again:) i know a lot of people think you are a terriable excuse for a piggie owner if you dont use carefresh I disagree and know many others who disagree as well. I think its over priced, not to mention it paper! the urin soaks right in not under in that means the pigs are pretty much sitting on wet paper wich is not very comfy. well thats just my opinion from what i can tell most people on this board are against anything that is not carefresh:evil: just my two cents:)

I use newspaper and hay - works great for me. I'm in the uk and bought some paper type bedding once an dmy pigs ate it all. They eat the hay too but that cheaper and properly better for them.
Re: Best Bedding

Do you shred your paper or just lay it in there flat? I'd love to be able to use my paper because of the cost. Does it keep the smell at bay?
Re: Best Bedding

if cost is REALLY no option, carefresh makes that less dusty superexpensive Carefresh Ultra stuff, I think it's white. and if you've just got gobs of money to spend on piggy bedding, couldja send some of that my way? if I switch to nothing but carefresh, I'm going to be spending like $60 a week just on bedding. for a dirt poor girl like me, that ends up being more than my rent and utilities every month.


13646860_574157012745925_1373437002_o.jpg 13646769_574157019412591_1541179177_o.jpg 13632844_574157032745923_84221208_o.jpg 13616130_574157016079258_132030320_o.jpg
Re: Best Bedding

bizzybbb - I lay the paper flat on the bottom of the cage and then put hay on top. sometimes I use shredded newspaper too. The piggies like a big pile to burrow in :)

I tried carefresh in my rats litter tray and didn't like it much cos it seemed dusty. It doesn't seem very easy to get here anyway so I use bob martins paper cat litter instead.
Re: Best Bedding

I think Carefresh is too dusty too. I'm trying Aspen, (ordered from the FerretStore), and I like it better than pine. I will probably use Aspen with some pine shavings on top. I don't care for the Kaytee pine bedding because it has sharp pieces. The L/M Animal Farms Pine shavings are more soft. We've only had our piggies about a year & a half, so we're still experimenting.
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