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Skin Problems Thanks forum!


Cavy Slave
Feb 24, 2012
I've been on this forum less than 24 hrs and I've already learned so much! That "scrape" on my guys face, is actually fungus! I'll start monistat and the shampoo treatment Sunday, but couldnt find anything that said how long it takes them to heal?
Anyways, thanks again for all the help so far! How long should I expect to treat him for?
Welcome to the forum!

Here's the Guinea Lynx link about fungus, it has a bunch of info:

Fungus is contaigous, so be very careful and make sure to clean everything very well!
I would even suggest wearing an apron while holding him so the fungus doesn't transfer to your clothing. And wash your hands, A LOT!!!
It should heal in just a few days.
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