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Joy Thank you thread


Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Dec 10, 2020
This thread is for thanking all the fellow cavy owners out there. You guys have helped me so much! I did not know how bad Kaytee hay was. Then as I read the threads I realized that I should prolly switch to Oxbow. And I did! Thanks again!

Also, please post what you learned from all the great cavy owners on this site!

Guinea Pig Papa

Staff member
Cavy Slave
May 12, 2015
Every single one of us on this forum, came here one day for a reason. Some of us were looking for help. Some of us were looking for cage ideas, and some of us were doing research prior to picking up piggies for the first time.

The pigs are what unite us here, and they are our common thread. Whatever our reasons for coming here were, what we all found were kindred spirits in other piggie parents around the world to help us and guide us.

This forum would not exist without the people in it. I know that this forum has helped me tremendously in the past, and in one occasion saved my pigs life. I stay here for my love of my own pigs and pigs in general. I still have so very, very much to learn but I will pass on what I have already learned to whomever may need that knowledge. I hope the rest of you and those who come here in the future will do the same.