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Thank God for the Love and World of Piggies!


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Sep 24, 2011
I just wanted to take a moment to talk about how grateful I am that I have had the opportunity to enter the world of piggies.

You see, at school, I'm not very popular. Not that popularity really matters to me, it's just kind of annoying when say, we are in science and have to pair up for our next lab and no one even thinks to look my way. In fact, I'm pretty sure everyone AVOIDS looking my way.

Not that I don't have ANY friends. I do have a few very close best friends. They just aren't in any of my classes, which of course, sucks.

The point is, it's so nice to come home from a terrible day at school, throw my backpack off, and just cuddle up with Ginger. The one that I know cares about me, and loves me.

Also, I love coming on this forum and getting so much support from all of you and helping other people. Here, I know that no one can exclude me, and everyone cares about me. Rather, the care of my piggy.

Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to get some thoughts out.

Thanks for reading!
-Ariona :)
Gosh, I always hated when the teacher had us do group assignments where we were free to choose our own group members. I still remember the sick feeling in my stomach whenever it happened. I didn't have any friends,though. I'd also get beat up and stuff.

Guinea pigs are very therapeutic! They definitely help melt the stress away in our lives. :eek:
That's part of the reason why I'm getting guinea pigs! I suffer from a variety of mental 'disorders' such as anxiety, and for me to get guinea pigs would really help. I used to talk to my hamster all the time, and when he passed on it was really hard. I have the same problem, not a lot of friends. I even had to switch schools because of it in elementary. It is nice to know that they're such wonderful friends, cuddle buddies even. I can relate to this so much.
Thanks guys! Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Yes, we once had to edit/revise each other's essays in english, so we had to get into pairs, and everybody went to each other automatically without even thinking about me. No one else was alone, so I tried to jump on to another pair but things didn't work out so well. I tried to tell my teacher that I had no one to pair up with and she just shrugged her shoulders. I sat back down and tried to do my own and tears blocked my vision so I asked my teacher if I could go to the restroom. She saw that I had tears in my eyes, but she didn't even care. She let me go, and I ran in sobbing. I just sat in there for about 10 minutes trying to calm down. I got back into class and everybody looked at me. Probably because my face was all red and blotchy and my eyes were red. I was still sniffling. No one cared though, they just turned around and kept going. It was terrible.

I got home and the first thing I did was sat down with Ginger and told her what happened. The I cuddled up with her, I felt much better afterwards.
That's the nice thing about pets, they always listen. They don't say anything back, but just them cuddling with you can make a huge difference. School is terrible, honestly. People are so cruel. I can't wait to graduate.
Tell me about it.

Then boy trouble comes in, and that's a whole new story let me tell you :D.
@arionat799, goodness that is a sad story. High school can be traumatizing I suppose. Trust me when I say, it gets better. It's so nice that you've found such a great forum to share your piggie love! I'm grateful for your posts and your openness ❤️

I'd talk to the teacher and explain your dilemma. Perhaps ask if she could put people into pairs instead of them choosing. Unfortunately, some teachers have little sympathy for their students ( I don't even know why they chose to be a teacher!) and I'd talk to your counselor/principal/vice principal if you keep having issues with her. I never spoke up when I was in High School, and I regret it now.
I remember being the one left out as well. I also always felt very awkward. Now that it's been since 2005 that I graduated, I look back and laugh. None of that matters anymore. But I do remember the stress that came from my peers at school. You will get through it just like the others say. I am happy you have such a good piggy that reminds you that your loved and that you matter.
I never spoke up when I was in High School, and I regret it now.

LOL, I did and I sure paid for it! It is such a shame some of them don't care. I had a few really really horrible ones through elementary and middle school. I'll never forget how mean they were to me.
I honestly just hate school, I used to be made fun of SO much in elementary school that I developed an autoimmune disorder that made almost all my hair fall out, because of the stress. Then I had to switch schools. I hope it gets better after high school, because right now I can't stand it. Everyone is so rude and narrow minded and mean. And LOL, yeah boy drama is very terrible. Some people are nice though, that's true. Life does have ups and downs. 2 years until graduation, I'm almost counting down.
I know how you feel.. I have few 'good' friends, but the ones I do have, I am very close with.. but this year I had to switch schools and now none of my friends are there.. it doesn't help that I am super shy and awkward, so.. I feel your pain!! :p Oh well, like you said, thank god for guinea piggies!!
Ya, I had lots of friends at my old school. Then I moved and life became quite hectic.
everything got better for me when I moved
High school was nasty. Sheesh, I graduated in 1980 and I STILL remember how nasty it was. It DOES improve once you graduate, though.

Although it wasn't piggies (it was an Arabian horse that saved me!) animals do make life so much better. Now I have piggies, doggies and ponies and life is cool.

Keep your chin up. It's always OK to vent to US, WE are your friends!
I too hated high school so much. I wasn't picked on that much but my best friend was; try being a sophomore that came out of the closet, life was hell for her.

It does get so much better after you graduate and move on from it. Animals are a great comfort and I am so happy you have yours.
I know exactly how you feel!!
I wasnt popular in school either. being heavyset, other people look at you like you have gross and they are gona catch something from you.
I use to come home from high school, cuddle up with my piggies & my doggies and cry =/
BUT thank God, HS is over with!!
Does anyone ever actually have a good time in high school? lol

Yeah, those were 4 shitty years for me too...but say what you will about mandatory group work, it does prepare you for the real world - by showing you that you truly cannot rely on anyone, and that you'll always have to do all the work yourself and others will take credit for it. ;)

I never had pigs, or indeed any pets at all in those years. Hell, I'm 22 now and my girlfriend and I just adopted Quee and Kwee earlier this year, first pets I've ever had. I can definitely think of more than a handful of situations in which it would have been nice to have them to talk to, even if it's just to pretend they're listening.
Hey, everybody still suffering in high school-listen up. After high school, when you get out in the real world, wether it's college or to find a job, life gets so much better. You'll meet all kinds of people, with all kinds of interests. You'll actually have a life of your choosing, not one that s forced on you by where you live. High school is very narrow minded, and very "herd" oriented. Heaven forbid anyone is different. Out here, I couldn't care less what anyone thinks of me. I live my life my way, not to fit in or please anyone else. It's wonderful and liberating and scary all at the same time. Hang in there, you'll make it.
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