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Cage Temporary Cage for Pig-sitter


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Apr 7, 2008
Alright, I'm going on a trip this weekend and I'll be gone for a week and a half. I already have a pig-sitter lined up to watch my two boys while I'm gone. I'm trying to figure out what to do for a temporary cage for them. I'd take apart the 2x4 cage that they're in but it's attached to the grid stand...not to mention that it was a pain in the rear to put together in the first place.

I have around 21 extra grids that I could zip-tie together to form a cage, but that still leaves the question of what to do for a bottom. I don't have time nor money to order a smaller coroplast base, but I want to be able to put aspen in the cage without it getting all over my friend's house. However I could get a dollar store shower curtain and use one of my old fleece blankets a "bedding" since it will only be for a week and a half.

Any opinions and suggestions anyone?
Do you need a grid bottom or a grid lid? Because a 2x4 cage should only take 12 grids, and if you already have a 2x4 unless the coroplast in your cage at home is attached to the bottom you could just bring that over for the temporary 2x4, then you could still use aspen, or an old fleece blanket, but unless you have the absorbant layer for the fleece I have read it could end up smelling anyway.
It might not need a bottom, especially if put on the floor (Though that's not always the ideal place) but a lid is absolutely necessary. I intend on locking the lid since she has dogs and cats, as well as a 1-year-old. I could probably take off the shelving that's the lid on the main cage...or something. The grand total of extra grids is 22-23.
You would only need 8 grids for a lid, and if you used plenty of zip ties it should be strong enough. Double check that with a someone who has had plenty of experience with pigs and animal proofing cages.
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