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Chat Tell your funny cavy stories!


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Oct 22, 2014
Figured we could use a thread related to funny stories bout your guinea pigs, caring for your cavies, etc. I have a story that happened today, actually.

With winter approaching fast, I've decided to pick as many forages for my pigs as possible. The back yard was freshly mown, so I gathered grass from our front lawn instead. It was very windy, which made my hair a wreck.

I must have have looked absolutely insane. Hair looking like a rat's nest, tearing grass from the ground in fistfuls... And bringing it into my house. I don't even want to know what the neighbors thought :D

It was completely worth it when I gave it to my piggies, though. Due to snow, they haven't had much grass lately. They were so excited they stood up on their hind legs and wheeked like crazy!
When I clean my piggies cage I let them roam my room. So while I was cleaning one of my pigs, Ralphie, climbed into my lap, and then he jumped off and my other pig, Cooper, climbed on. And then Ralphie jumped back onto my lap so they were each on one of my legs at the same time! lol
LOL @Kenna18155! I do that all the time!
Yesterday I was holding one of my baby pigs, and I told him "Now be a good piggy and don't pee on me!" Of course, that's what he proceeded to do. On my new jeans and Peanut. Now he's made a good impression on Peanut (who I was introducing him to at the time). Luckily, this incident was quickly forgotten by both of them.:eek:
I wrapped my piggie up in a blanket a couple weeks ago during cuddle time because she was freezing and I couple minutes later I smelled something and I looked at her and she looked back at me like "it wasn't me mom I swear" lol
One time I was taking a picture or my piggies, and I ended up with this. [GuineaPigCages.com] Tell your funny cavy stories! It looks like Castiel got punched, and Piglet had something to do with it lol!
Oh my gosh, @Guinepig! That's a hilarious photo!
Okay, now for my story:
One dark and stormy night, many moons ago... I was peacefully sleeping in my bed, and my mother came in my room to put in some laundry or something. The pigs went nuts wheeking at the door opening! They thought it was salad at 4:00 am! My mom says she'll never come in my room at night again. Seriously!lol
LOL they woke you up, right? My pigs will wheek anytime you walk in the room, food or not.
Yes, @PeanutnCookie! They certainly did wake me up!
As soon as I get out of bed I hear wheeking. They love to run laps at night it's so funny!
I don't know what got Penny going last Saturday but she started wheeking so loudly and using her whole body, her little ears were flapping up and down! She's never been that loud or into it before, I was laughing, wish I had it on video.
Hermes HATES getting his nails cut. He bites, he thrashes, he even once crawled into the hood of my sweatshirt to escape. Despite his tantrums, I'm getting faster and can get all his nails done in one sitting. Hermes does not like this. After his last nail cut, I wrapped him in his towel and gave him an extra veggie as a reward for the trauma. (I've tried bribing him with veggies during the nail cut with no luck, so he gets them afterwards now.) Anyways, he took the veggie, wiggled his butt off the edge of the towel, gave me the stink eye, and peed on me. First time he did that, totally revenge pee!
Lol @Icarus_Hermes
Have another story! I've been giving the baby dandelion greens to supplement calcium in her diet, and I feed them to her during lap time. Well, yesterday I forgot to pick her greens. (Gasp.) I get her out for lap time, put her in her cuddle cup, and she sits there... She turns around, looking confused, sniffs the air, wheeks a few times, and looks up at me pleadingly. I was wondering what was wrong, and I realized--she wanted her greens.

Of course, I couldn't say no to her adorable little face, so I trudged outside in the cold and rain, gathered the greenest greens, and washed and fed them to her. Totally worth it.
Lol. I our piggies certainly have us wrapped ours they're finger lol @Kenna18155
Couldn't be more true. My mom tells me I'm "obsessed" with my "rodents." (I take that as a compliment, mind you.)
Whenever I have my guinea pigs out my dad always eyes them and I'm like "you want to hold them?" And he goes "I don't hold rodents thank you" lol @Kenna18155.

New story: so I am obsessed with Blank Space by Taylor Swift and I was holding one of my guinea pigs while listening and she got really excited and started purring so now when I play Blank Space she comes out and runs and popcorns lol
Okay, that's awesome. I've been trying to get my pigs to become Skrillex fans, but they just stare at my phone like it's some sort of rectangular space-lettuce. The green phone case probably doesn't help.
Omg I love Skrillex but my one of my piggies is prone to panick attacks so I don't play it lol. One my piggies (if Im watching TV on my phone) will go up and chew it lol
Oh, cool! Any favorite songs, @joyscavies? My pigs don't mind the noise, haha.

And I swear, this little cavy will be the death of me. She has discovered the wonderful sport of burrowing. Hooray. Earlier today I went over to the cage to check on them, and somehow, SOMEHOW, the little one had gotten under the fleece... AND YET EVERY SINGLE EDGE AND CORNER WAS STILL TUCKED IN. I'm still puzzled. It was PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for her to get under the fleece, unless she somehow re-tucked the corner AFTER she got under it. I have no idea.

I think I've decided on a name. How about "adorable fluffy poofball of terror?" Has a nice ring to it, eh?
She's done it again. I have no idea how. Maybe I could name her "Ninja."
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