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Behavior Teeth chattering when trying to pick up


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Cavy Slave
Nov 2, 2014
Both my pigs will chatter their teeth at me when I try to get them out of their cage. From what I've read that means they are angry. Is there a better way to get them out or is this normal?
Thanks! I think I'll look into a box or some other creative way to get them out.
I use cuddle sacks to get mine out, they (mostly) just run into one when I put it in front of them b/c they know they will get a veggie for going in for weighing/floor/lap time. If they are being difficult I use 2 cuddle sacks, one in front and one behind so they have to go into one of them.
My girl is being the exact same way now. No matter what I do she chatters her teeth at me. :(
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