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Injury Ted's toe nail has come off!


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Mar 13, 2012
So I just took Ted's bowl away which gets him quite excited as he knows it is time for veggies and the time it took for me to go downstairs and rustle his dinner up and come back he has pulled his nail off somehow. When I entered the room he runs towards me with his mouth covered in blood, his left middle toe nail mostly missing and all bloody and there's dots of blood all over his cage!
I am not sure what he has done, if he has caught it or something. His nails aren't particularly long, but I was going to bath him tonight and trim his bottom hair as it was getting long and cut his nails.

Anyway to get to the point, I read somewhere before to coat it in some baking soda with a few drops of water but it doesn't seem to have stayed, what should I do to clean it and him up? He has got himself in a right state, he has blood all over his mouth and when he sat to have his veggies he kept his right front paw in the air.
I read that to stop bleeding you should apply flour or cornstarch. Cornstarch is better, I'd say use apply pressure with a tissue first, then carefully dab a little cornstarch on it.
Styptic powder. It clots wounds immediately. And apply pressure with something clean, like a pillow case. Avoid tissue, it may get little bits stucks in the wound which could cause infection.
Thanks guys! I got it to stop bleeding, then my Mum and sister came over and they helped me cut his nails....gave him a quick bath/wash to get rid of the blood and trim his hair. Whilst drying him he decided to wee and poo on me....for the first time....needless to say it was his first bath and he did do very well...until he deposited his waste on me :D
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