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Switching cavies? What would you do?


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Dec 29, 2004
The situation so far:
2 females (sisters), about 5 months old. 1 has got 5 babies, about 1 week old now (they still need to be sexed soon). The two sisters don't get along very well. They only have small 'fights' (without blood ofcourse, otherwise I already would have separeted them) but you can tell they are not happy piggers together, the dominant one constantly irritates the other sister.
I have five babies now, so there will probably be at least one female baby. I can't keep them after the three weeks with mommy because I don't have the time and housing for 7 piggies.

The two sisters come from a shelter and I have signed a 'contract' to take good care of them. Ofcourse I can't just let someone adopt a sister I got from the shelter because they need to know how the pig is doing and they can practically come by at any time. I could bring the sister back and keep mommy and one baby, so they will probably get along better.

*sigh* I really don't know what to do, but I can only keep two pigs!
Wait, did you know this guinea pig was pregnant when you got her?
No, but they said there could be a very small chance.
Hmmm...I would get in contact with the shelter. Tell them you wanted two guinea pigs & not seven. As to which ones you should return, I can't decide. It's not major fighting, but if the mom gets along much better with one of her daughters then that looks like a better situation.

I would call the shelter first & talk to them about it. They should be able to help. Btw. which shelter is it? You said you lived near the border, so I'm assuming this shelter is hopefully close to the border too?
Yes, maybe you know it, it's in Axel. Maybe I am going to a different one, there is one just as far away from me but it's more specialized in cavies.
I have found another shelter VERY close to where I live! I am so happy! I hope they have room for my piggies. They charge a lot of money but that doesn't matter to me, it's near to where I live so I could drop by and watch how my little pigs are doing, that is just great!
Don't know it, but it's good to know just incase. :)
I don't say it's a bad shelter, not at all! But it's just a bit far away for me. It would take me two hours back & forth
Glad to hear that you found another shelter that's close to you!!

There aren't really any shelters or rescues for guinea pigs over here in Belgium. There's one that's been recently set up ( https://www.freewebs.com/stopdierenleed/index.htm ) & they've a section in the Netherlands too. If I could get another guinea pig, & I don't find any here then I'd like to get a friend from here: (broken link removed)

They take great care of their guinea pigs. It's a bit of a drive from here (I live close to Antwerp) but I think it would be worth it.
I often make visits to Antwerp so if you are looking for a piggie...
I am, but I can't have another at the moment. It's my parents decision. I'm determined to change their mind though.
Too bad they just don't see how cute they are :) Mine said they probably wouldn't like them but now they come peek in my room about 6 times a day...

And I am probably going to bring them back to the original shelter.
How big is your cage? Have you treated for mites? Are you keeping any of the babies? Maybe you can give them each a baby friend if you have two sows and/or keep them in adjoining C&Cs.
My cage is big enouch for 2 piggies, it was temporary but I havent found any cubes yet (seems impossible in The Netherlands). I have got another cage for just one piggie if they big ones couldn't get along but they seem ok with eachother now.
The space is still okay for the mom and the kids now they are still small but I really need another cage, and I am now looking for alternatives to make my own cage.

I did a full check-up at a vet some time ago and I check them myself when having lap-time.

It may sound a bit harsh but I don't trust anyone who never had pigs and just gets offered a pig. Piggies should go to people who really have thought about it before and then make the decision. So that is why I bring them back to the shelter. 'My' shelter makes people sign a 'contract' where you promise to take good care of your animal, and sometimes they even go to your house to check.
Instead of taking the babies to a shelter, couldn't you possibly adopt them out yourself to good loving homes? You could make your own adoption contract and if your worried about people wanting your piggies that have never had piggies then don't adopt to those people. Only adopt to people who have had prior experience with piggies.
I agree with chattycoco, make the flyers and what not now while the pigs are young, so you can hav them out by the time they are wiened, that way you won't have to keep them longer then you have too..anyway, good luck with it,
Me too and hey if I lived near you I would take one I love mines and I am looking for a guinea pig to play with mines he looks lonley! =( My mom said I might be able to adopt one
Hmmm, I never said anything about "flyers". I said she could make her own adoption contract and adopt them out on her own.
I could do that but they don't have to stay longer then they have to. I can go to the shelter when they are old enough to leave the mom. :)

I will take pictures before they leave, they are beautiful piggies!
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