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Sweet Tea Scraps in the house!


Cavy Slave
Jun 30, 2012
Hello everyone!
I don't have any cavies yet.... it was until recently that I was dubbed 'allergic' by allergists. Well, you know how they say your body changes every 7 years or so? Well, lucky for me, I'm no longer allergic to bunnies or cavies, but now I'm allergic to dogs. Woof.

I currently have two hedgehogs and a heck of a lot of geckos (~70). My hedgehogs sparked my little sewing hobby of making small animal items (you can search my user name anywhere on the internet and find me!) which has had many people coming to me with orders for their guinea pigs! I want to learn more about them, and maybe someday get a pair myself! We're moving into a house (3x larger than our current apt) and will have a much larger animal room that may need some more furry friends. As a hobby, we also breed crested & gargoyle geckos (known as LGP Gecko).

In other news, I am currently the English Language Learner's Coordinator and Teacher for a suburban school district. I will be teaching college courses in the evenings this fall as well for teachers who want to become ELL certified. I live my fiancee (getting married next summer!) in the lovely suburbs of Chicagoland. I look forward to getting to know more about piggies and the members on this board!

Sweet Tea Scraps
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