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Survey: How did you name your guinea pigs?


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Nov 10, 2011
Example: by their appearance, personality, behavior, favorite food, your favorite food, etc...
Omar was named by my roommate who loves the show "the wire" and named it after a character from there. Colonel Mustard was named because my boyfriend loves mustard and wanted to name him just that, and I said ABSOLUTELY NOT "Mustard" LOL, at least put a Colonel or Lieutenant in front of it..And that's that!
Jumble is actually an acronym. We have government backgrounds in our family, so naming by committee and using acronyms made sense. :*) Joy Maria Burrito Lopez (JMBL) became Jumble. Also, she was found in a jumble of brush and dirt in the woods, so that worked, too.
My boys were named because of thier personalitys. Spaz is well a spaz, lol and Romeo(Meo for short) is a cuddler.
nibbler was named because when i picked her up for the first time she stared to nibble on my chin XD and Riely was named because i had always loved the name and she just looked like a riley to me XD
Kirby came with that name, and it's perfect for a guinea pig. In case you haven't heard of Kirby, he's an adorable round Nintendo character who gains his enemy's abilities by eating them. Cletus was originally named Daniel (he had come in with a brother named Jack) and I didn't want an alcohol reference for my guinea pig. Cletus is a tricolored pig and his coloration made me think of flannel, which then made me think of Tim Hawkins' spoof of Carrie Underwood's "Jesus, Take the Wheel", which is "Cletus, Take the Reel." (It's a hoot, and the sidekick Cletus is wearing a sleeveless flannel shirt.) The name Cletus also calls to mind someone cheerful, but perhaps a touch dim, with oversized teeth - ding ding ding, we have a winner.
Hee. My high school boyfriend played Officer Anthony Colicchio on The Wire.
I named my little girl Carliee. It just came to me as soon as I saw her. She is cute, sweet, and very loving. She is a long haired/texel mix, so I always keep the hair on her head up in a little rubber band....so she needed a very cute girly name.
Rosie came with her name and it suits her sweet, gentle personality, so I kept it.

What cracks me up, though, is how many nicknames she has! She's not even been here three weeks yet and already she is the Pig of a Thousand Names...Rosie-Roo, Pig o' My Heart, Squirty-Squirt, Little Girl...I turn into a total bumbling babytalking mess when I talk to her. :D
We name all of our pets after cartoon characters. :)

We had a dog:
Pebbles (The Flintstones)

Our cats (past & present) have been:
Elroy (The Jetsons)
Larry (Larry Boy from Veggie Tales)
Stewart (spelling is altered from original, but his full name is Stewart Little H*******)
Alvin (full name is Alvin Simon Theodore H******)

And our girls are:
Velma & Daphne (Scooby Doo) - although I lobbied for Betty & Wilma from The Flintstones. :)
Cinnamon's name was picked before I even ever laid eyes on her. I wanted a brown piggy and to name her Cinnamon :)
Calypso was nameless for a little while. First I named her Nutmeg, to go with Cinnamon but I decided it didn't suit her at all. I think it was week 2 when I decided to go with the "C" theme (my cat's name is Chester as well) and looked up names. I was looking for unique, unusual names because I thought she was the funniest looking little piggy. She had a full body mohawk going all different angles down her head/neck/back :p So Calypso it was, it's a greek mythology name too I believe. By the way, she has grown into her mohawk and is cute as can be! :D
I named my first piggie Snickers because it's my favorite candy bar. When we got his buddy my husband instantly named him Licorice because he is all black. :love:
I have two boars, Jackson and Pollock.

Guess who liked art history?
I named my guinea pig Millie the day I first met her at the rescue. They told me she was feisty and very independent. I like names that mean things in other languages so I found that Millie means strong, feisty, and independent in French and I thought it was a perfect fit :)
Each time we just started throwing out boys names until we found one. 1st piggy, Huey was a Pete when we got him but it just didn't fit him. 2nd piggy, Roger is the only piggy that kept the name he came with becuse it just fits him. 3rd piggy, Sheldon who is over 3years old never had a name:(, but we skipped over Sheldon as a name at first and he was going to be Sherman. Then I accidentily called him Sheldon and it stuck. Our 4th(and last) piggy, Winston was thought to be a girl by his previous owners and was called Cinnamon. Right after we named our last piggy we relized they are named alphabeticaly in the order we took them in:D!
Animal communication - Maximus von Lichtenwalder gave us his name - It was Awesome !!
Our herd, both past and present, were mostly named off TVLand and NickatNight. We started with Lucy and Ricky (I Love Lucy show), and Ethal and Fred. Starsky and Hutch. Then we moved onto Flintstones: Wilma, Betty, Bam-Bam.... After that we kinda went off themes and more just funny. We have Mushu Pork and her brother Maxwell Smart Secret Agent 4,952... (But don't tell anybody or he'll have to pee on you!). We have the world famous alto wheekers, brothers Alberto and Theodore Pigalini. Little LuLu, Sarah, JacJac, and Rocky... And finally, Mr. SeeMore Carrots, who then went to "visit" a lovely blonde down the street named Chatters, got her pregnant and had to marry her, and now we have a Baby Carrot.

I think that's it. Yeah, that's definitely it. Unless we have stowaways that we don't know about.
I have two, Sophia and Isabelle. My 8 year old son named them both. I call him my little old man. He's an old soul and loves classic names and antiques (but that another story entirely).
In reply to Kareebear:

lolColonel Mustard...My first thought was that he was named after a character in a Beatles' song. lol
Past Pets:
Joe-Boe (hamster): My sister named him because she had a t-shirt of Snoopy on it and said "Joe-Cool" on it. Very random! But it suited the litte guy!

Pellet (hamster): I had a Beanie Baby stuffed animal that was named Pellet and it looked almost exactly like him.

Eddie (hamster): Named after Eddie from the movie Eddie and the Cruisers.

Charlie (rabbit): Named after Charlie Brown.

Hermie (guinea pig): My sister picked out the name, not sure how she came up with it! Her middle name was Lucy because of the actress Lucy O'ball because she has red hair.

Current Pets:
Stan (guinea pig): Was already named when I got him.

Chester (guinea pig): Was already named when I got him.

Roma (cat): My sister named him after the country Romania, we are not Romanian because she likes that country for some reason.

Fish: we have stopped naming our fish because they all look similar and are too many of them! We have a few named however.
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