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Tumor Surgery tomorrow, worried


Cavy Slave
Dec 6, 2011
Hi everyone,

Our little guy Teddy has surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning to remove a tumor from his cheek just below his eye. It's pretty big right now, about the size of a walnut and seems to be pulling his bottom eyelid down. Aside from the tumor, he seems healthy and is eating and drinking just fine.

I just wonder if we're making the right decision for the surgery. He's 4 years old and if the tumor isn't cancerous, I hope we aren't giving him unecessary strain by putting him under for the surgery. Has anyone had a guinea put under anesthesia before? I have no idea how his body will react to it, let alone the surgery itself. He a legendary pig. We and his guinea brother would be devestated if anything happened to him!

Any advice, experience, thoughts?
I haven't had any experience with my guinea pigs going into surgery, I just wanted to wish you and Teddy a swift surgery and recovery.
My piggie Pedro is 7 years old and in this past year he has undergone two surgeries to remove a tumor and a lipoma. Pedro had a benign tumor on his cheek also. He went through the surgery no problem. He was happy and eating that evening when he came home. The only thing I had to do after that surgery was give him pain meds, keep an eye on the incision, and make sure he stayed warm since they can have trouble keeping warm after surgery.
The lipoma surgery was harder. It was a pretty big mass and he had a pretty big incision. He also had to be put on antibiotics because the incision was so huge, and then he started to show signs of antibiotic intolerance so I had to take him off and start hand feeding him. With alot of love and energy he made it through that fine also. Unfortunately, his lipoma is coming back, but that's a story for another time. Since he is an older guy putting him under was a bit of a risk, and also not being as big as he used to be was also a bit of a risk (he's losing some muscle mass due to age). He made it through prefectly though and I am very glad he had the surgeries!
I guess with all my rambling I am trying to say that I think your piggie will be fine. Four years isn't old. Just give extra love and cuddles, make sure the insicion is looking good, and that he's taking all the meds he needs.
I hope everything goes well! Please keep us updated!
I also wanted to add that opting for the surgery is a very good idea because if it grows any larger and you want it removed then, he might not be able to if there isn't enough skin left to close an incision. I think you're making the right choice! :)
Thank you very much! Your words are very encouraging. We will keep you posted!!

Here's a recent photo of Teddy... he ain't the most elegant guinea in the world but we sure do love him!
Surgery tomorrow, worried
Aww he's very cute!
Thank you very much! Your words are very encouraging. We will keep you posted!!

Here's a recent photo of Teddy... he ain't the most elegant guinea in the world but we sure do love him!
View attachment 17885

I'll keep Teddy in my thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I think he's a very handsome guy!
Thanks, pinky. I noticed your in the Chicago 'burbs, we are too, do you know of any specialists in the area you could refer us to?
I've had lots of pigs anesthetized for lots of different reasons, with very few complications. If you have an experienced vet doing the surgery, it's really quite safe.

My vet keeps them for a few hours after they wake up to make sure they are eating and recovering. I recommend asking the vet for a painkiller, too.
The vet I use is Dr. Wallach at Danada Veterinary Hospital in Wheaton. Their number is (630) 665-6161. I've been very happy with her. I also liked Dr. Borowiak at Animal Medical Clinic. They recently relocated about 5 minutes from Danada Veterinary Hospital. They're both great vets and are both offices are located north of Butterfield off of Naperville Rd.
Sending good thoughts and prayers for a good surgery and sucessful recovery for your beautiful boy.
Thanks for the info, pinky. We will keep them in mind for any future needs.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. We dropped Teddy off at the vet this morning for his surgery and he was in his usual good mood. We will keep everyone posted on how it turns out! We're all praying for him.

Thanks again for all the love!
I'm sure you've made the right decision. Even if it is benign, it's apt to cause him discomfort or eye problems if you leave it to grow, even if it hasn't yet.

My pig Cletus had surgery to remove a mass inside his ear not long after we got him. No problems at all with anesthesia or recovery, and no recurrence. I wish the same for your Teddy.
Sending you and Teddy positive thoughts! I'll be waiting for your update!
Great news! Teddy got through his surgery relatively unscathed today aside from having a few stitches and a staple in his cheek. The doctor was able to remove most of the tumor and he seems to be recovering nicely. He celebrated by sharing a big romaine lettuce leaf with his brother and got lots of hugs! He's definitely a resilient little pig! Thanks again to everyone for your well wishes. It really helped our family get through these stressful past few days. Hope everyone has a great holiday season!
Good news!

Just be aware that he may feel much better today than he feels tomorrow -- he's undoubtedly had pain medication today. I hope they gave you some to give him tomorrow.

Also, if he's on antibiotics, be prepared to have to handfeed him. See www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html for information on it. If you do have to feed him, you'll need to get 50-60 cc into him, and it will no doubt be a royal battle when you try to do it. It's called "force feeding" for a reason, and the pigs are generally much less than cooperative about it.

Weigh him daily at the same time of day, preferably before he eats, and keep a record of his weights. That way you'll know if he's losing too much too fast -- he's apt to lose a little just because of the surgery.

Good luck, and keep us posted on how he's doing.
I'm glad everything went so well! Please do keep us updated. :-D
I'm so happy to hear he made it through the surgery and is doing so well!
Yay! That's excellent news! I hope he continues to have a speedy recovery :)
My piggy had surgery on her lower cheek for an abscess and she did great! Be prepared to give him antibiotics, possibly a drain or an open wound that you may need to clean several times daily. The great thing about guinea pigs is that they're very good at taking meds and tolerant of the icky stuff, such as drains and such. My girl was just so happy to hear my voice after surgery that she literally jumped out of the vets arms and onto me to snuggle. Let us know how he's doing! Most people wouldn't spend the money on a guinea pig for surgery so you must love Teddy very much! <3
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