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General Suet Feeders as Hay Racks?


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Dec 18, 2011
Hello again,

Lately, they pigs' bedding area has be getting really hard to clean since I use hay piles, and they won't eat any hay they have gone to the bathroom on, it tends to clump together the bedding, so when I try to clean out the cage, it's hard to shovel out the bedding.

So I was thinking about using a suet feeder for that one spot in the cage, and just leave two hay piles in the cage. The only thing I'm worried about is the coating on suet feeders, can it harm the pigs?

The human, Fus, Ro Dah, Godric, and Nova
I used a suet hanging basket for hay. It quickly got replaced, as my pigs couldn't get hay out of it effectively. It would also clamp down the hay between the swinging "door" and the pigs would have to rip some of the hay out. They did not appear to eat the coating off of it.

I don't think anything will prevent any hay from being on the floor, and you said you still have to use hay piles regardless? Seems not worth it.

The bent grid hayrack in my older pig's pen is the best thing I've ever used. I've try suet feeders, utensil holders, and metal shower baskets. You just have to make sure the hay is mostly in the middle of the grid, or they'll pull hay from the side and litter the ground. The only reason one is not in my younger pig's cages is because their heads look small enough to get stuck in the hole.
I don't mean to have it prevent all hay from getting on the floor of the cage, of course there will be some leakage and such, but with hay piles and my pigs, about 75% of it is left on the cage floor, xD so it would help at least some with all the hay on the floor of the cage. The one hay pile I have in a litter box, so that I can just dump that out without and shoveling, the other hay pile is in a hay loft on towels, so I can just shake that out. I just need a hay rack for my 2x3 bedding area in the cage, because with that one, the hay makes cleaning it harder since I have to shovel it all out, and it clumps with the hay. I thought about maybe using one of the bent grid hayracks, however Ro Dah is only about 4 months old right now, and her head can still fit through grids so I thought I might just try a suet feeder since they are cheep (Just in case they don't want to eat out of it and I have to throw it away) and the grid spaces are smaller, so Ro Dah can't get her head stuck in it.
For my hay rack, I just overlaped two of my leftover grids. The holes are small enough to hold up most of the hay and big enough for my girls to get their hay.
I have both the large suet feeders and the small ones in my cages. I LOVE THEM. The large ones work better, as the lid is at the top and it's easier to fill. The small ones need to be removed from the cage to refill. And you don't need to refill the large ones as often.

If you get the smaller ones it's easy to make sure you don't trap the hay in the door.
I use corner litter boxes for my hay bins. Guinea pigs LOVE hay and I can't see depriving them of the opportunity to burrow or roll in it. They usually eat out of it like a pig trough but a few of them like to climb right in while the others eat. I clean it out every day so I don't care if it gets messy. They really enjoy it, so it's definitely worth the extra hay I might use. I used to put smaller fleece pieces next to it to catch bits of hay that fell out but I don't even bother doing that anymore. I have four cages and it's easy to maintain.
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