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Behavior Suddenly talking and poor popcorn timing


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Feb 21, 2015
So two things that Goose has just started doing that strike me as odd.

First at least twice now she has done what I can only describe as pop-corning in my hands right as I try and put her back in her cage. I don't know if it's her being scared because I stood up with her in my arms or if she's excited because she know's she's going back in her cage or what. Has anyone else experienced a pig pop-corning while being held? I'm convinced it is pop-corning because the last time it happened she continued to popcorn in her cage once I set her down.

Second, just starting today Goose has turned into a total chatter box. She has NEVER talked before expect occasionally while I pet her but today she was constantly churring to herself both when I pet her and when she was alone in her cage. They sounded to me like happy sounds and I referenced some youtube videos to check and the consensus seemed to be that her purring, churring, chirping noises are happy ones.

While this maybe seems like a good thing I was just surprised that she suddenly chose today to become a chatty Cathy. She's never even made a peep for food before. I was also mildly worried because she was even chattering when going to the bathroom but it was definitely a churring sound and not a wheek so hopefully that doesn't suggest stones?

I guess I just wanted to see if anyone on here has seen similar behaviors in their pigs before.
How old is Goose and how long have you had her? Is she a lone pig or does she have a cage mate? There are a number of possibilities.
She may be getting use to you and her home.
She may have a medical problem if it happens when she pees.
She's going into heat (I know my girls have mood swings).
She just has a lot to tell you about her day. :)
She's about 5 months old and I've had her for 2 months now. She's a lone pig for now but my hope is to expand her cage and get her a buddy asap.

And I was worried about the peeing too but it wasn't something that started when she peed, she was chattering well before peeing and just pretty much never stopped talking. xD
One of my pigs is ALWAYS talking. If I'm watching TV while holding her, I have to turn it up because she's so loud! I figure she's just happy and likes the sounds she makes.
I think it's her age. I have one girl who was chatty from the start and one who only started around 6 months. I think Goose just got more comfortable with you and her cage.
Take it as a good sign and enjoy the conversation! People talk to themselves all the time and so do guinea pigs. lol

As for the popcorning, she's probably excited about everything going on around her...first she was on a lap, then she was having treats, now mommy is carrying her across the room, now she can smell her cage...all very exciting stuff to a piggy. As I'm sure you know, have a good grip on her at all times.
...or daddy... Apologies to all readers. It just laziness that I use the term "mommy".
Popcorn has decided when you are near the cage he perks up and wants to take a leap of faith. He had never done this to us before and my 9 year old had him. Needless to say when he did this he landed on the hardwood floors and water works from the 9 year old started. Popcorn is fine but we now make sure he is well wrapped before he is carried to his cage by my daughter. He is not a talker expect when he is demanding his salad and hay refill. PB on the other hand talks ALL THE TIME!!!! I swear he even gets louder at bedtime. :) They are awesome personalities though don't they. :)
Yeah with Goose I always have to put her back in her cage butt first so she doesn't leap out of my hands. Also since she's started the weird pop-corning thing I make sure to hold her close to me until she calms down enough to safely put her down

Also it seems as though she has turned a corner in taming! Today twice now when I went to pick her up she crawled right into my hands and willingly let me pick her up. She's also not chatty today so I think she just had a lot on her mind yesterday xD

Also no worries miniver in this case you assume correctly and I am Goose's "mommy"
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