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Not Eating Suddenly stopped eating hay?


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Oct 28, 2011
Oct 28, 2011
To start from the beginning in the last week of my college finals some how my one boar James got into the other boar, Roy's, cadge I really don't know how. My family doesn't even know how and they where the ones left to watch them. All I know is they don't get along at all and fight so they are normally kept separate but them being together in the same cadge for a unknown amount of time resulted in James receiving some serious injuries.

Now I did get him to an exotics vet ASAP and they took care of him, examined him, which in order to do they had to shave a patch fur but they cleaned and stitched the worst bite wound then they gave me Metronidazole, Trimeth-Sulfa and, 3 days worth of the pain med Metacam, and a topical cream Thermazene. It all went fine he was acting normal, healing fine, eating fine. Then for the follow up visit 14 days later it was all still fine, where the only worst of the bite marks where still visible but where nothing more that a few scabs and scar. I was told he was doing well and he can now be off most of his meds except for Trimeth-Sulfa just in case.

Its been a few days since that trip and I noticed that he's suddenly not eating his hay. He still eats the pellets and vegetables. And Im becoming worried it might be something more, or is this maybe a reaction to being off some of the meds? Or does he just suddenly not like this brand of hay?
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