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Substitutes for coroplast?


Cavy Slave
Dec 26, 2011
Hi everybody, I was having a hard time finding coroplast in my area. Any substitutes?

Well, first of all, welcome to the forum!

(Some of this info may be stuff you've tried, but I don't know for sure, so I'm saying it anyway ;))
Have you tried calling a local sign store? (Make sure you tell them it's for a cage, they might think you're a rival sign shop who ran out of materials and charge you up the wazoo)
And have there been any campaigns lately? (The signs that politicians post on lawns are often made from coroplast, you'll get it with people's faces on it, but if you don't like that politician, you can take heart in the fact that your piggies are "peeing" on their faces :crazy:)

Other things that people have used are shower curtains, vinyl flooring, anything that's waterproof really, but you really need to be careful with these things. The coroplast is non-toxic, so if the piggies chew on it, it's not a super-big deal, but if they chew on the shower curtain it can get caught inside them and cause problems (imagine if you ate some shower curtain, and it backed up inside you, and how uncomfortable that would be).

If I were using shower curtain, I would use fleece as well, and attach both shower curtain and fleece to the cubes on the side (fleece on the inside, curtain outside, sandwiching the cube) and maybe do an inch more fleece than curtain, so the curtain is lower than the fleece. This way, the fleece blocks them from getting to the curtain.

Take a wander around the forum, there are a ton of good ideas, if you go to the area for cages and the area for cage safety, there are a lot of what people have done, and what they found works.

Btw, everyone here is piggy-crazy, and would love to see pigtures of your babies lol

So, once again, welcome!
Thank you so much! I will try calling my local shops to find the coroplast I need :)
No idea where you live, but look on Sabic Polymershapes site ((broken link removed))and see if they have a store near you. They will cut the 4'x8' size sheet for you and score it as well (or at least my local shop does).

They generally carry a variety of colors and I pay about $12 for an entire sheet.
OMG! I wish I had known this before I paid $32 for coroplast at a sign shop down the street from SABIC. Well, if I ever make a new cage or need more I know where to go. They have all the colors and for around the same price you paid. :( Thank you for sharing this. I know it will come in handy later.
WOW! so cheap! i am grateful you told me this Spy9doc​!
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