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Feet Styptic powder, alternatives?


Cavy Slave
Jun 1, 2012
I was just wondering if there are any alternatives that give the same effect as styptic powder for nail trimmings, or if I should have that in my guinea arsenal specifically. Getting ready to take the plunge and trim those beautiful black nails and wondered! Thanks in advance :)
I think styptic powder a good thing to have, but I read once that flour or corn starch will work well too. I've never had to use it, so I'm not sure how well they work in comparison.
Ha! I would stick to the styptic powder. I tried flour and pressure...nope! My texel has black nails and I got him once, it bled and bled and bled...but it did finally just stop on it's own. I happened to be out of quick stop or I couldn't find it. Now I have it next to me every time I cut his nails (just did it today actually). Good luck and as @spy9doc said "rest assured that he won't bleed to death."
I use cornstarch, but I will be buying styptic powder soon, you should definitely have some
I use quick stop too!! It works really well.
I don't care for styptic or Quick Stop. The next time you have a little cut, put some on it and you'll see that it stings. I prefer flour or corn starch. I dip the nail and if it doesn't set up right away, I dip it again and apply light pressure to it for a couple of minutes.
Thank you for all the detailed responses! I can't lie, since I'm a new owner I was kind of feeling like "OMGWHATIFHEBLEEDSTODEATH?" But I slept soundly because of all of your advice! I decided to get styptic powder, to have on hand.. as I get more used to trimming I may move away from it depending on my skill level :)
I use corn starch, too. Usually, though, I just hold my finger over it for a bit.
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