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Apr 26, 2005
Could I use Stratocore instead of coroplast? Is it the same thing?
Yea, from what I've heard its just a different name for it.
Oh ok, is it as strong as Coro? Becuase stratocore is alot less in price then coro.
Im not sure, I remember seeing a thread on a forum somewhere about this. I guess the difference is that stratocore can be found at some craft stores, so it might be cheaper because its precut into a smaller boards perhaps? Either way it works, you'd just have to duct-tape it together if it is infact in smaller pieces. Sorry im not much help, I looked for that thread and can't fnd it...
Yup its the same but cames in smaller pieces.
yeah it comes on 20 X 30 pieces. I think I'll get stratocore because it's easier for me to get than coroplast.
Also if I do a 1.5 X 4 cage is that ok for cavy cages?
How many pigs?
right now only 1, but I am getting my old fart Georgie girl a friend soon :)
That's a little narrow... but it is 8.1 sq ft... But still I think it's too narrow.
Well it will be alittle more that 15 inches, it will 20 inches. But I would do a full 30 but I have to leave some space for the electrical box thing (forget the name, maybe a fuze box?) because my bed room is in the basement.
I ment alittle more than 17 inches it will be 23 inches.
is stratocore like foam core? I just called my local AC moore and this very rude woman, who obviously doesn't know how to do her job, told me there is no such thing as Stratocore but there is foam core.
Foam core is definitely not the same thing as stratocore/coroplast.
Stratocore looks exactly like coroplast. It's like corrugated cardboard but made of plastic instead of cardboard.
Oh ok, well someone told me I could get it at A.C. moore and I guess not sense the phone call. Where else could I possibly get it? If I can't find this easily I am going to have to pay $30 for coroplast at a sign store.
I got my coroplast for a Sign-A-Rama in Marlboro. It was $30. It was funny we know the guy who owns the store and he asked us what it was for. He said sooo many people come to his sign store for guinea pig cages. :)
That's really cool! When I call sign stores and they ask what it's for they think I am crazy! I guess not alot of people on Cape Cod make C&C cages. I am thinking of getting coroplast from Sign It Signs.
How far are you from Hyannis?
not to far away, I live in Marstons Mill's. So it's a 10 minute drive.
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