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Jan 15, 2005
Ok, so I posted in the adoptions section about me wanting to find a new home for my girls. Well I put a ad in petfinder as well. I got a reply back today from some guy, but its really quite wierd, and I don't understand in properly. Plus it makes me really leary (sp)... Tell me what you think?

Dear Sir/Ma,
I am a Veterinary Doctor From Africa
with clients all over West African countries and UK
cities, we also run many zoo in some African cities
and London towns. I have Clinics in most west
African and UK Cities. I can assure you that your pet is not
going for an experiment or going to end up in Lab. testing.
I have a client who's interested in your
lovely pet and also willing to pay me anything i
charged to bring it to his lovely home, infact he
would love it to be part of the family for
his birthday Party coming up soon, he's a pet
lover and we pay him visit every week for treatment
to all his pets. I will need to know some certain
things that gets the pet annoyed and things that gets it
For Adoption fee, although i will have to negociate the
Adoption fee you want me to pay. and Inrespect of
payment i have a client in the USA who he has agreed
to procure a Cashier's/Official check or USPS postal money
order for ($5,500.00US) which he's oweing me to you.
All i need to do to make payment easier and faster is
to instruct him to procure a cashier's/Official check or
USPS Postal Money Order and mail it to you on the address
and name you want on
the check or Postal money order. But i would want to
know if i can trust you to send the remainder of the
funds to my shipper via Western union Money
Transfer after deducting your Adoption fee, as soon
as the check or postal money order
get cashed so that my shipper will make arrangement
for the pick up at your location to deliver it to
the Adoptee's home, he will need this money to secure
flight tickets to North and South America to pick
all the Animal i Adopted and deliver all to thier
different homes in UK and wherever. I will like you
to mail me asap to enable me arrange payment.
Furnish me with the name you want on the check or
postal money order, your home address as in
zipcode,city,etc and your contact phone number, so I
can forward it to my client who will purchase the
check or postal money order for the payment.
All you have to do is simple, if you received the
check or USPS Postal Money order, cash it at any
cashing centres nearer to you, deduct your Adoption
fee that we aggreed upon, send the differences to my
shipper via Western union money transfer and my
shipper will come to your place and pick up the pet.
If you have any question or enquiry to make
concerning this transaction.
You can reach me on phone number +234 1 773 4588
Thank you
Dr. Richard

Note: Please i will need more pictures of this pet
to forward to my client, old picture when the pet was born
and present picture.

Sorry for it being so long!
don't do it...sounds like a scam
It's a scam. Almost everyone gets one when they put an ad on Petfinder. Send it to your spam and block the email.
Thanks for the heads up. I didn't plan on actually sending my girls to this wierd guy, but I was wondering about the email. Thank you!
Yup! I got that same one when I listed a dog that was up for adoption under "my" shelter. I just ignored it.
Is this translated? Because it is not in proper english.

That's scary.
No its copy and pasted from my email.
No, they are suppose to be from Africa that's why.
What would they acctually DO with the animal?
Or do they want the animal at all?
I don't think they really want the animal. And I think that if they did it would probably go straight to a testing center like he said it wouldn't.
I wonder if anyone has acctually.. like... believed it... and done it.
Sounds like the guy who emails me, telling me that he's a high- ranking Nigerian official, and he'd reward me thousands of dollars if I could deposit a huge check of his into my checking account. All he needs is my personal info and bank acct. number.
Yeah, right.
Yeah I've had two?? scams like this go to my email. I usually reply saying I know it's a scam and deleate the message.
He doesn't want the pet at all. The scam is in the money order/cashier's check. Technically you could report him to the FBI, but there are so many going around...
jaspers_girl said:
Yeah I've had two?? scams like this go to my email. I usually reply saying I know it's a scam and deleate the message.
I do the same. I e-mail them saying to stop E-mailing me and ocassionally if I get something innapropriate and I unsubsribe or tell them to stop and they don't, admit that I usually use very naughty words in my reply to them as a result of my anger. lol.

BTW, my opinion is don't do it cause he is going to use it for testing probably.
We had a news report on tv not to long ago about these fake checks. People here were trying to cash them and then getting into trouble for fraud. The checks where for 5.5k one person wanted to purchase a car for 5 grand and yet the person trying to sell the car was only asking 1.5k for it. So yea be very leary of these emails. And since you got a phone # I would report it to the police and let them know. That way you are helping further this investagation(sp) It is probably a bogust # but at least it is a start.
It's a scam...and a common one. They don't want your animal or property. They only want your money.

For a few laughs check out this site. This woman played right back, made them look like fools and actually cost them money. (turn down your speakers. The site has music)

(broken link removed)
Its a scam where they send you this cashier's check, then you send them "change" for what they don't owe you to them, and then the check comes back bad, and you are out whatever change you gave them. There is a website somewhere of a woman who leads them on just for kicks and then tells them off after they've gone through all the trouble of forging this and that, etc.
Ha Ha! I got another one this morning! Except this guy is from Austrailia. he still sounds illiterate (sp) and says that he'll send me a cashiers check for whatever my last asking price on my girls were. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! But no worries. My girls aren't leaving the city, that way I can still keep tabs on them.
voodoo, just read a couple of those scam letters. They are so funny!
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