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Hair Loss Strange pattern in Charlie's fur


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Jun 19, 2009
Okay, I recently noticed that my pig Charlie has this strange V pattern in his fur. It almost looks like the hair is parted all the way down, to form the V. Any ideas on this?

Strange pattern in Charlie's fur
I'm definitely no expert, but it looks similar to barbering. Is Charlie housed with any of pigs? My Bocefus was doing this to himself for a while and now has a similar pattern created by his boyfriend/roomie, Waylon, who just likes to chew a little to get Bo moved out of his way. Maybe check into that a little?
I suppose it's possible. He lives with Louie but tends to be the dominant pig. Louie is more of the caretaker of the two.
Is the skin bare on his back, or is the hair just really short?

If it's bare, it's probably not barbering, but I have no clue what it is. Never saw a pattern like that before.

If the hair is just really short, Louie has no doubt enrolled in barbering school. Check Louie's poops to make sure he doesn't get a blockage from all the hair.
I had a barbarer and she trimmed her sister's fur down to the skin on her back end. I don't think she ate it or chewed it off. It looked like she would just quickly pull out a mouthful when the other one would be nearby.
I don't think it's bare. The photo's not the best, I know. Taken with my phone. I would think with barbaring though, it would have a more random pattern. Charlie likes to lay in his cuddle cup a lot so if it's barbaring, it probably would have happened while he was laying in there.

I'm planning on taking him to the vet soon to have them look at a growth that looks like it's gotten bigger since the last time they looked at it. I'll ask them about it and see if they have any insight too.

In the mean time, Ill try to get a closer pic of it with my nicer camera.
Okay, I just went down to feed them and I took a closer look at Charlie's fur. Skin in the affected area is definitely not bare. To be honest, it looks a bit more like what happens when someone gets their hair layered at the salon! LOL So I might have a little barber on my hands in Louie.

Once the camera battery charges, Ill get a better pic of the area.
It's mites. This is a classic hair loss pattern that pigs with mites get. The pig reaches back on each side to bite at the irritating mites on the rear end, and that's what makes the V pattern.
I had heard something like that but he's been too chubby to reach all the way to his rump to chew.
Treat him for mites. It won't hurt if he doesn't have them. There's no other reason for this pattern of hair loss. You don't need a vet visit, you can treat yourself.
Okay, Ill have to look and see if I still have some Ivermectin. I'll just treat the rest of the herd as well. Incidentally, his roomie isn't presenting with any hairloss. Any other precautions to take?

If I can't find the ivermectin, where else might have it?
You can order it online from Country Supply, or check the feed/farm stores in the area.

Some pigs don't show signs of mites, but are still carriers.
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