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Infection Strange blister ontop of head.


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Sep 1, 2011
So we noticed today, Gizmo, our female has a squishy raised bubble on her head, beneath her fur. There is no hair loss, just a reddish bubble underneath her fur on top of her head.

She has been pretty lethargic lately, and pretty skittish. But she has been warming back up these passed few days, so we thought nothing of it.

Does anyone know what this is? What should we do?

She is eating fine, but it doesn't she that she is drinking as much as she should, i may be wrong however. She goes through a 24oz bottle every few days.

It could be a cyst or abscess. Either way, I think a vet should look at it because it probably needs to be lanced and an antibiotic prescribed. I've had two females with skin cysts and they were red and raised.
I agree with Pinky. I'd take her to a vet. Besides possibly being an infection, anything that's swollen on the top of your head hurts a lot, and she may need some mild pain medication.
So i went to pick gizmo up yesterday. The blister looks as if it has burst and now its all scabby and her fur around the blister looks to be matted with dried pus. Its almost looking like a fungal infection. I plan on taking pictures later today and posting them.

We have a big problem though. I have no money for a vet trip. The only exotics vet in town would charge me over 100 dollars for a lancing, and right now I am just struggling to pay bills. I need a way to help her, but taking her to the vet is out of the quest for probably the next few weeks.

Can i clean the wound with rubbing alcohol? Is there a certain antibiotic cream i can try to acquire? Anyone have any ideas?
I'd say alcohol would burn like hell and hurt her a lot.
I definitely wouldn't put alcohol on it. Antibiotic cream might help, but I doubt it. You need to find a way to get this pig to a vet. Part of responsible pet ownership is taking care of them when they're ill.
The bump that burst is most likely an abscess, but could also be a cyst, or even a tumor. Even if you cleaned it out (abscesses need to be flushed out a few times daily with a saline solution), she still needs antibiotics, and the only way you can get those is by taking her to the vet.
Alright, I understand, And I am going to get her to the vet as soon as i can. I will call them again tomorrow and see if there are any payment plans we can use.

In the mean time, we attempted to clean the wound using a warm damp cloth, and saline solution.

Strange blister ontop of head.

This is what it looked like at the start. After dabbing it and gently palpitating the wound with the cloth a chunk of diseased flesh/pus dislodged and the abscess had been opened.

Strange blister ontop of head.

We proceeded to flush the wound several times with the saline solution using a small curved syringe.

I am optimistic right now, because the abscess is no longer closed and scabbed, that way the bacteria is no longer trapped. We will flush the wound again tomorrow.

Good news, although lethargic, Gizmo is still eating like a fiend.

Any comments?
ouch, poor girl...
Flushing it with saline is the right way to go. Don't let it heal up from the outside -- all that stuff needs to drain out. It needs to heal from the inside out. But she does need to be on an antibiotic to clear up whatever's causing it.
Interesting. It looks like either an abscess or a sebaceous cyst. Let us know what the vet says.

I would weigh her daily, to make sure she's eating normally.
Here are some accounts of what other people have gone through and what they did. It is nice to read on "guinea lynx" for a change, a "reference" to "Teresa Murphy" . They also give a link to Teresa's accounts with abscesses too, which you can also see from the link they provided here. Please do keep us posted on what your vet has to say...not just because we care, but for learning purposes too.

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Quick question.

So this morning, we cleaned gizmo's head again, lots of pus and whatnot, to be expected. Tonight however, when we cleaned it again, there was none whatsoever, however it didn't look like it had totally scabbed up again like it had this morning. We had to use a hot cloth again to clear away the clotted blood/regenerating flesh, but inside there was no pus. At what point should we stop reopening the wound? I know this is the first time that pus has been absent, but if it begins to become a trend should we just let it heal?

Absence of pus usually mean the absence of large amount of bacteria, atleast enough where the body doesn't feel like it needs to isolate the bacteria into a certain area.

Any thoughts?
Does the wound seem to be closing up ( the outer part around the wound, not on top of the wound) at all ? Have you been applying any ointment ? What did the vet say ? Is your piggie on an antibiotic yet ? You mentioned calling to find out about a payment plan...have you been able to reach them, to ask about that ?
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You want to keep it open until it heals from the inside out. If the wound closes, the pocket will fill up again and will grow. You'll find that the pocket will get smaller and smaller until it's gone as long as you keep it open and keep it cleaned out.
What antibiotic did the vet prescribe?
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