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Coroplast Stores that have coroplast?


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May 19, 2012
Are there any stores like Walmart, Target or Lowes etc. that have coroplast sheets? Thanks!
There are some at HomeDepot but not in large sheets. Common is 36x24 pack of 15 sheets for $70 (here in San Antonio TX). Havent seen any at Lowes or Target, WalMart, I just walked in the door with a 4x8 sheet of yellow coroplast for $25 from a local sign maker. The person i purchased from was even willing to help score it properly to insure I could get it in the the truck and get home safe. But it fit well, the whole sheet in our ford explorer. Hope you can find some close to you
Yeah, I got mine at Home Depot, but they only sold single sheets, and 4 weren't enough for a 2X4 cage. They were almost $5 each. I would try calling a sign store to see if maybe they can sell you some or if they have extras or slightly damaged ones, that kind of thing. I have used outdated corrugated plastic signs from friends' yards.
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