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Storage Cubes????


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Cavy Slave
Jul 13, 2005
For those who bought there storage cubes at Walmart where did you find them there? I went there yesterday to try and get somemore and I couldnt find them.
All the Walmarts I have been too have not carried them.
I couldn't find them at WalMart. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond They were $14.95 a box. I found zip ties and the shelf lids at Home Depot. (If you are interested in lids)
I think Walmart only carries them online.
i bought mine at Costco. 8 cubes for $16, it depends though, some costco's dont have them.
Ok first of all, this is my very first response. Actually it's my first time in this forum, hopefully I'll do this right. I just built my very first cavy cage and I bought my storage cubes at Target for $12.99.
Thanks everyone, I went to Linen N Things and got mine. I called them and they said they have so I decided to go there. Because the other day I drove to a couple of store with no luck. talk about frustraiting. I got 16 for 19.00
I also like the mesh kind grind. You can order them at lindens and things also Kmart carries them. I got all my grids from target they always carries them. Also the cost cos by me carries grids but you get 30 color ones for 20 bucks.
are the mesh kind better then the grid cubes?
It is great if you don't want bedding at all on the floor. Also If you run a rescue or fostering and you have little babies. They can fit through the regular grids and not the mesh grids.
I think the mesh ones makes your cage look cleaner and nicer looking.Even if they say you shouldnt use.I like them
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