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Sick still worried


Cavy Slave
Feb 27, 2012
My mom took Oreo to the vet monday because she has been sneezing. The vet said her lungs were clear and her nose and eyes look good. he didn;t want to start her on an antibiotic unless she started showing other signs (she is eating) because sometimes the antibiotics arent to good for them because they mess up the good bacteria in their stomach causing other problems. but she is still sneezing and tonight I saw some yellowish mucous in her nose. She cleared it out herself but the vet said if we see other signs to call him back and he will prescribe an antibiotic. Should I tell my mom to call him back? Not sure what to do. Her nose isn't crusty.
we use fleece bedding
I would take her back in to the vet.
If she does have a URI they can be fatal if not treated. Have a look over the links I gave you.

ETA: Maybe she is sneezing from a new detergent that you're washing the bedding with, or possibly your hay is dusty?
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If she's got a snotty nose, she needs to be on an antibiotic. You can give her a probiotic (BeneBac is good, or you can use acidophilus, which you can get at any drugstore) a couple of hours after the antibiotic.

Read https://www.guinealynx.info/antibiotic_advice.html for what to do if she has problems with the antibiotics.
Thanks everyone for replying to my daughter. I am calling the vet back this morning and insisting on an antibiotic i got her out when i woke up and she now has a runny nose and is sneezing frequently. And it is a wet sneeze, as she sneezed in my face.
Good luck!! I hope it all goes well and your piggie starts feeling better soon! If I were you, I would really give a probiotic 1-2 hours after the antibiotic. It really helps!!
The sooner you start the antibiotic the better. I hope you can get some quickly! Keep us posted.
started oreo on her antibiotic tonight. SMZ-TMP which my mom says is Bactrim I think. 1/4 dropperfull twice a day for 7 days. We also have been dissolving half of 1 of snickers poo in a little water and giving it to her an hour after her medicine. Will let everyone know in a few days.
I am begining to feel like a hypocondriac

So Oreo had a URI and they put her on Bactrim so I have been using Snickers poo for a probiotic. I stopped doing this 2 days ago when I noticed that Snickers poo is soft when you pinch it. It is also a smidgen longer than normal and feels somewhat moist. I stopped giving her veggies. She hasn't had any for 2 days just pellets and hay, but the poo is still the same. Do you think something could be wrong? Snickers may also be possible pregnant so this is concerning. Also concerned that Oreo is not getting her poop soup now...........any advice?
Re: I am begining to feel like a hypocondriac

Get some BeneBac for her.
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