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Rehoming Still not listening...


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Oct 11, 2011
If any of you have read my other posts, one of my close friends has a guinea pig living under horrible conditions. Not one piggy should be forced to live under that sort of condition at all.
I have asked and reasked my mom if i can take her pig. I think i am responsible, and i have the room and time and finances. I think my mom is somewhat taking it as a joke..
My mom and I and my friend and her mom all went some place to hang out. Somehow the subject of guinea pigs needing to live in pairs came up. My friends mom said, "really? I thought they would kill each other if they lived together." (obviously she hasnt read about guinea pigs and this was just an assumption.)
of course, my mom had false information too and she wouldnt let me talk. My mom said "only if its a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl" (which makes NO sense because my 2 boars are bonded perfectly.)
anyway, my friends mom said "well i dont want the one that we have, you can take him."
and my mom laughed and said "shes already asked me a million times!"

This really made me angry. They think its funny, huh? I tried to tell them that guineas NEED to live in pairs, but they didnt let me talk and then the subject was lost. Why would they even joke about this? Its not funny AT ALL.
I want this pig so badly.
I keep thinking of him popcorning around his C&C cage and being as happy as a clam, instead of him hiding in the corner of his cage and sometimes not even having water. I dont care if my room is super cramped and smells of sweet hay, or that the pigs wake me up at night while they are running their silly laps.
SOMEONE please tell me what to do now. Just the fact that the pig is still depressed in his small cage right now is killing me! D:
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