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Feb 4, 2004
2 years ago my brother and I bought 2 guinea pigs from a pet store (yes I realise thats not right but I didnt know that then, even through all of the research we did) Anyways, they had told us that they were both female so we kept them in the same cage. Then they started "caressing" each other so we seperated them right away. They are the bestest of friends to this day. A year later we adopted another male ( the people said it was female ). So we now had 3 pigs in seperated cages letting them visit each other from time to time. The other day I realised that the so called female was "caressing" her best friend. I found that weird, a female on a male? So, I picked "her" up and curiously checked the genitals for about the 100th time since we had it. Through the information I've gathered, I found out how to do it right and I pertruded a penis. I realised as well that the pig had testicules but they were quite tiny. So at this moment the best friends are together happier then ever to be back together like they were 2 years ago; sleeping and eating beside each other.
Now my question is... Is it still normal if they rumblestrutt and gurgle once in a while and caress one another?

I hope this story wasnt too confusing and please reply after reading that long paragraph:p
I'm not clear on your post. Are you saying that you put a male with small testicles in with a female?

Any male is going to be quite happy to be back with a female.

However, if that's what you did, I would remove him right away and take him to a GOOD cavy vet and let the vet tell you whether or not he is still intact or has been neutered. IF he's been neutered, then fine, put him with the female, otherwise, he's got live sperm and he will use it! :eye-poppi
I really don't understand your post!

What is the sex of all 3 pigs and who is living with who?
I knew this would mess people up. Haha.
What happened was we sepearted the 2 thinking one was male and the other was female. We beleive it was a female for 2 years until a I pertruded a penis. This was the first time ever it looked like a penis. Its like it just decided to appear all of a sudden. So after that I said to myself "well they do look like testicles" but they are just very tiney.
So now both of the males are together since theyve always liked each other as friends ( we bought them together ).

I'm very sorry for all this confusion. Ignore the part of the third pig, im sure that helped messe you up.
Oscar, you still haven't answered the questions about clarifying who is living with who.
Oh ok, that makes sense. Yes, humping and "caressing" (as you put it!!) is normal between 2 boys - it can be a sign of dominance. Again, rumblestrutting is a sign of dominance and it is perfectly fine.

What about the other pig?
The other pig (male. a.k.a Chaz) has sadly passed away a few months ago. He was a very old Abbysinian and I didnt want him dying alone at the Centre we adopted him from. So we took him in, and he was cared for until his death.

About everything that I told you about, I understand that some people might disagree with me letting 2 pigs live by themselves for a 2 years before realising their sex and putting them back together... I have learned by my mistake and obvisouly research still needs to be done (and everyday I do so).

But thanks for answering my questions so very much, and as for the other 2 ( peanut and gizmo) they are living a great life and are the happiest I've ever seen them.:)
Glad it's worked out.
Aww, sorry for the loss!

The other day I realised that the so called female was "caressing" her best friend. I found that weird, a female on a male?

But I thought that you thought they were both females. If you knew one was a male, then why did you let the so called female live with him.
The were sepreated for the whole 2 years we had them. They only visited each other once in a while whith extra supervision...most of the time they were both on my lap.
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