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Still a chance there is an unborn baby?


Cavy Slave
Nov 1, 2010
Hello all,

To make a long story short, after my oldest guinea pig passed on I went on a long search finding a new friend for my other female Sunshine. I had placed an ad on craigslist looking for a female and it wasn't too long before we had a new pig named Lola.

Unfortunately whoever had Lola before had obviously caged her with a male because it wasn't long before we discovered she was pregnant. Lola gave birth without incident to 2 females and 1 male. Her appetite picked right back up and she is as active as ever but has definitely kept some of that pregnancy weight on. (Though I suspect she was not fed enough before because she was pretty darn scrawny.)

My concern is the chance that perhaps there was a 4th baby that she was not able to deliver. I went to a cavy savy vet during the pregnancy who did an xray and said she saw 3 babies for sure with the chance of a 4th. Now I was worried about this right away so I called her after Lola gave birth. She told me that as long as Lola's behavior after birth returned to normal then there wasn't any other baby.

Fast-forward to today. The babies are somewhere about 6 weeks old. Lola is fine but I still worry. Would there be some sort of indication way before 6 weeks if she still had a baby inside her?
Since it's been 6 weeks and she is doing fine, there's likely no baby left inside her. Unless she's carrying babies in both uterus.

Have you separate the male baby? He can impregnate your females at the age of 3 weeks.
The male was separated a couple of days before 3 weeks. He started strutting around a little bit and I didn't want to take any chances. He has been adopted out to a home already. I made sure he was going somewhere where he would have another male pig friend as well.

We are keeping both the females. All 4 females are living together and doing great.
Are you weighing Lola? If she's still pregnant, she should be rapidly gaining weight.

From what I've read, it's not common for them to be pregnant in both uterus, but sometimes it just happens.

If you are concern about her, perhaps take her back to the vet.
She rightfully lost weight after giving birth and has since then stayed right around the same weight. I think I may just be overly worried since this is my first pig pregnancy. I do know quite a bit about pig care but I've checked through several forums just trying to find out if there could still be complications this far after a pregnancy.

If it truly is possible still I may take her back into the vet just to ease my mind.
I had a dog that kept a puppy in after delivering. When we realized something was up it was just a few days later and we took her to the vet who said if it had went another couple of days, she likely would have died from infection from the dead puppy. I don't remember all the details, it was slightly traumatic. I'm not sure it applies to this situation but I just wanted to share in hopes of making you feel better about all the time since she gave birth.
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