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Heart Issues Stethoscope


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Jan 25, 2012
Just wondering if anyone could reccommend a good, but not too expencive stethoscop for my pigs. I like to check their ears, eyes, mouth, nose, skin ect everyday and would also like to keep and eye on their heart and lungs. I have no knowledge when it comes to stethoscopes so just need some advise on a good one. I dont want to spend too much but i also don't want to buy a cheap one that doesnt work very well.
Advice would be greatly apperciated! Thankyou.
Thanks for your reply. I will just get a cheapy one and see how it goes, I wouldn't know what I was looking for anyway, just like to know my piggies are healthy and figured I'd get used to what thye sound like and notice if it changes. And when I say I check their mouth I really mean their teeth haha i guess it would be a pretty hard job to explore in there lol
i don't doubt your good intentions, but i wonder about the extent of your checking them out. i understand they are fragile critters, and we do need to keep on top of any changes or problems and intervene appropriately, and sometimes quickly, but i also think that monitoring their heart and lungs yourself may be a bit beyond what's necessary.

unless you're a vet yourself, you wouldn't really know what you were listening for or to anyway.

from my perspective as a human who works in human health care, i often have to caution families to not obsess about "the numbers". people can get so fixated on lab results and monitors and machines, that they forget the person in the bed. quality of life is as important, i think, and there is a line bewteen prudent care and monitoring, and thinking of your "charge" (human or animal) as a set of systems that need to be monitored and regulated efficiently.

i hope you don't take this all too personally. like i said, i'm sure you mean well. i just worry that the slope you're standing on is a slippery one, and there are some people who i think take things to an extreme - i'm not suggesting you would, but i could see how it would be easy to go one step further and be in extreme country.

I agree with jacqueline.

I don't think it's neccessary for you to buy a stethoscope. Unless you're a vet, you probably wouldn't notice the small changes in heart beat and breathing and understand what the changes indicate.

Just weighing them weekly and observing them closely should be good enough.
Don't worry I don't take your comments personally and actually appreciate the help & advise so Thankyou all for your replys!
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