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Stands Stacking 2x8 and 2x6 possible


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Feb 12, 2021
I have been looking at pictures on here and trying to figure this out. Currently I have 2 long tables which hold the 2x7 (technically it's a 2x8 but due to space, there is a slight L shape on one end, so it looks like a 2x7) on top. Underneath is the 2x6. It does the job but it's ugly and I want the bottom pigs off the floor. Ideally, I could stack them using c&c grids, but Idk how stable this is. How do I make something like this or this that is not shaking and threatening to collapse when the pigs run around or sag in the middle? And how easy would it be to move this around compared to pushing table around if I want to rearrange stuff?
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A number of YouTubers I watch have stacked cages. The channels that come immediately to mind are The Pig Room, Guinea Pig Jungle, and Autumn Grace. I believe they all use rods underneath the top tier to provide additional support. On the Guinea Pig Cages Store, you can buy the Wonder Bar or rods to provide support. However, I don't think it is easy to move the cages around.

Good luck with your cage reconfiguration!
Stacking C&C grids to create a multi-level guinea pig cage is a popular and effective method, but it is important to ensure stability and safety. Here are some tips:

  1. Use sturdy materials: When building the C&C grids, make sure to use sturdy materials such as thick wire grids and connectors. You can also reinforce the corners with zip ties for extra stability.
  2. Add support: Consider adding support to the middle of the top level by using additional grids or wooden planks to prevent sagging. You can also use furniture risers to raise the bottom level off the ground.
  3. Secure the levels: Make sure the top level is securely fastened to the bottom level. You can use zip ties or connectors to secure the levels together.
  4. Provide stability: To prevent the cage from wobbling or tipping over, place the cage on a solid surface and avoid placing it near high-traffic areas or where it can be bumped.
  5. Test the stability: Before introducing your guinea pigs, test the stability of the cage by gently shaking it to ensure it is sturdy and does not wobble.
As for moving the cage around, it may be easier to move around than the tables, but it will depend on the size and weight of the cage. Consider using furniture sliders or asking for assistance when moving the cage.
I ordered a lot of Amazon Basics grids from Amazon, and I am not thrilled with the cage results. These connectors are AWFUL. I built a 2x6 stand but the grids kept popping out of the connectors! I know to zip tie the grids for added stability, but I didn't feel like the 2x6 was going to be stable. If I tried to move it, the grids would come lose. I gave up and made a 2x3 stand for my new foster instead. It seems more stable but still has come loose grids/connectors. I'm very tempted to return these grids. I have no had this issue with other connectors!
If you put a zip tie just above the connectors, they'll stay just fine.
If you put a zip tie just above the connectors, they'll stay just fine.
Yes this is what I did for this 2x3 I built. For my other cages, they have always been zip tied but w/ no connectors since I got the grids for free from the gpig rescue and they have various connectors that don't always fit the grid.

When I'm ready I think I'm just gonna pay the higher price and get a whole stand set up from Guinea Pig Cages Store instead of buying them on Amazon. This set is so bad that I'm returning one of the two boxes I bought.
Ive been 3d printing connectors… I’m not very good at it yet, but there are some good examples on thingiverse. I’ve adapted the round ones to quarter ones to go on the corners so they take up less space. I have yet to get the dimensions perfect though.
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