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Conditions Spring has sprung and so has the Bugs ...


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Cavy Slave
Mar 28, 2012
Ok I was not sure if this would be the place to put this .If not I am sorry .

Well as the Topic has said Spring has sprung and with that comes flees .lice,mites ,ants .. and everything in between.I was wondering those of you with extra pets and those that take your piggies out.What it is you do to prevent these guys from coming into your home and creating havick.Last 2 years our town have been invaded by flees. And I mean invaded. My poor dogs and cat was like in terrible daresay.And believe me I tried everything to prevent this.But it seems the more I fought the more the flees won.Even my neighbors that are like top notched for everything for there animals where fighting a losing battle.So I wanted to know what it is everyone dose to prevent these infestations any infestation. as my piggies dont have fur I am scared to death and I cant spray the insecticides I was spraying last summer as I am scared they will get ill. i would like to go all natural this year see if that helps any. have to start my research as i already saw a flee on one of my dogs and now i am going nuts with flee stuff.

See there. Also, there are several websites you can find with actual man-made killers for fleas. Look for natural and non-toxic, animal safe products. Just search this: natural non toxic animal safe flea killer.

Good luck in your matters of "TO FLEA, OR NOT TO FLEA!" (hopefully the latter, but we will never know until we hear back from you!)
Thank you i will have to do some more reading.Giving them there spring hair cuts tomarow ..YAY..
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